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“Drive myself in the state of denial / So dark and hopeless, I wanted to die.” Far too often, the importance of being in good mental health is understated.  Depression isn’t something to be played with, as it can potentially lead to tragedy – suicide.  On her moving 2015 ballad “Me Versus Me,” R&B singer/songwriter Stacy Barthe tackles depression and suicide head-on. Notably, “Me Versus Me” isn’t the sole song from her debut album, BEcoming, that reflects on her own suicidal thoughts

Throughout the course of this stripped, piano ballad, Barthe painfully revisits her depressed mindset. On the first verse, she sees “all the other girls fall in love,” but asserts, “I’d never know, what it felt to hear him say you’re one.” Whether intended or not, there’s an eeriness, almost as if Barthe sings from a post-mortal perspective. On the second verse, she acknowledges her shortcomings, selling herself short and settling for faux-love for fear of loneliness.  Her battle is internal, and “Me Versus Me” is the atonement, therapy, and necessary release. 

On the pre-chorus, Barthe arrives at a healthier place: “Now I know that there’s a difference / Between happy and just saying that.” Still, the final line of the section, as well as following, telling chorus, suggests conquering the “battle” is arduous.

“I’m still trying to find it in the midst of all this madness
It’s still an uphill battle, battle
It’s still an uphill battle, battle
Me versus me.” 

Not everybody experiences suicidal thoughts or attempts suicide, but what makes “Me Versus Me” so relatable is the fact that we all experience sadness and depression. This song highlights the importance of working through it – understanding individual worth and embracing life as opposed to death. 

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