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“Let’s make American great again!” Sigh, ‘Make America Great Again’ was the campaign slogan touted by President Donald Trump.  Philosophically, via MAGA, Trump painted the United States as a nation in danger – essentially ‘damned’ – yet entirely fixable thanks to his policies. Safe to say, MAGA fired-up supporters of the president, including members of the alt-right.  Furthermore, it also strengthened the resistance movement opposing the policies of 45.  English singer/songwriter Frank Turner takes the ‘resist’ approach, transforming the slogan into a bloody, brilliant from his 2018 album, Be More Kind

 On the chorus, Frank Turner offers a meaningful and thoughtful prescription for making America great again. “Let’s make America great again / By making racists ashamed again,” he sings enthusiastically, continuing, “Let’s make compassion in fashion again / Let’s make America great again.” Essentially, he calls for what should be ‘common sense’ solutions, atoning for the often victimized underrepresented and encouraging moral character through compassion.  Beyond the chorus, Turner, who speaks from the perspective of an outsider (“Well, I know I’m just an Englishman”), references the good, kind people he’s met while spending time in America.  As awesome as that is, he ‘seals the deal’ at the end of the second verse:


“But I wish it was less significant

The program of the name of the President

Because it seems to me the truth is self-evident

You fought our king to be independent.”


References to The American Revolution, Declaration of Independence, and the fight to gain and/or maintain rights in modern society? Atoning awesomeness! The best way to describe “Make America Great Again” is a passionate, modern-day protest record, period. Turner is complimentary regarding the greatness within America, but definitely disapproving and angry regarding ‘45’ and his base.  The big takeaway is to fight racism and simply be kind, caring, and compassionate towards others.  Maybe Turner’s political stance doesn’t align with your own, but can’t we all agree with his social commentary?

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