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“Easy to love / Harder to kill / Careful of the color / When you swallow that pill.” Such poetic, if pessimistic lyrics from English alternative musician Coyle Girelli.  Clearly, on “Love Kills,” the opener from his 2018 debut solo album of the same name, Girelli has experienced the devastating, ‘deadly’ side of love. There are few topics that necessitate atonement more than the plight of love.

For all of the pain that Girelli experiences on “Love Kills,” the production work is absolutely stunning. This is a grand record incorporating vintage rock cues as well as lush, orchestral and theatrical aspects. As impressive as the backdrop is, Girelli’s voice is the centerpiece.  His approach is more poised on the verses, singing in his lower register as he emphasizes how utterly devastating heartbreak is:

The prettier the view
The greater the fall
Look out for Sirens…
Wrapped up inside a spell
Slow me down to a crawl.

If the verses serve as the ‘preface’, the epic, expansive chorus, characterized by a distinct, dramatic key change, marks the arrival point – releasing the pain looking for a ‘heart fix’.  Girelli’s voice spiritedly rises to the occasion literally, as he ascends to his dynamic, powerful upper register.

Into the black of your eyes
You cut your heart out of mine
And spill my blood on your shrine
Love kills
Every time

Girelli accurately describes “Love Kills” as a “a beautiful, big, sad, heartbreak song.” Perhaps sheer radiance isn’t enough to totally atone for the plight of love, but it’s certainly an integral, therapeutic step towards the healing process.

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