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“I just thought somehow things would get better…”  Sigh. Unfortunately, according to rocker Lenny Kravitz, things haven’t gotten better.  What is the Grammy-winner referring to? The utterly flawed state of the world – violence, political corruption, and social issues among a host of other problems.  On the lengthy, hella groovy eight-minute, socially-conscious gem, “It’s Enough,” Kravitz is totally fed up and ready to act – “it’s enough!” “It’s Enough” is the crown jewel of his 2018 LP, Raise Vibration.

After establishing an infectious groove and backdrop inspired by the rock, soul, and funk of old, Kravitz begins the ‘atoning’ experience. Each verse finds him detailing and reflecting on various ills, frustrations, and skepticisms plaguing the world, particularly America. “45 caliber in the face / Shot him in the head because of his race,” he sings on the first verse, focusing on gun violence, racial inequality, and suspect justice. On the second, he questions America’s role in foreign places, specifically the Middle East: “How we love to control a foreign land / Taking all we can is always the plan.” On the third verse, he has plenty to say, tackling climate and environmental issues, drugs, and the media.  It all comes to head on the memorable chorus, where a salty Kravitz profanely states, “…We are all just getting fucked / It’s enough, it’s enough.”

Essentially, “It’s Enough” is a call-to-action record.  Kravitz says it best himself – “It’s time to wake up and do what we can!” He offers no specific solutions, but his heart is definitely in the right place.  Furthermore, he delivers another brilliant, modern day protest song, hearkening back to the spirit of the 60s and 70s.  His words are relatable, perfectly capturing the disillusionment so many feels toward the system.  Furthermore, the music is atonement in its own right, sigh.

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