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Dear insecurity / When you gonna take your hands off me? / When you ever gonna let me be / Proud of who I am?” Singer/songwriter Ben Abraham assists Los Angeles alternative pop artist Garret Nash (best known as Gnash) on the memorable, ultra-relatable chorus of “Dear Insecurity.”

“Dear Insecurity” is a standout from Gnash’s 2019 debut album, We, an effort chocked-full of emotion. For Gnash, he’s struggling with a common annoyance and hindrance so many of us experience – insecurity.  The purpose of this particular song, which Gnash revealed in an interview with the Zach Sang Show took more than a year to complete, is to atone and ultimately face insecurities. 

With Ben Abraham ‘revealing the cards’ early on with the chorus, Gnash expounds upon the effects that insecurity has on him on the verses.  Essentially, he describes it as an experience that affects everything.  That said, he ultimately turns the negatives he’s experienced or seen others experience and turns it into a positive.  This is perfectly exemplified at the conclusion of the first verse:

“Because, you tell me I’m not worth shit
And the bad luck’s on purpose
And if I’m sad then I deserve it
But underneath the surface
I’m hurting, searching, and learning
My imperfections make me perfect.”

It is the final line of the first verse that is key – the atonement that comes from realizing your self-worth.  He serves up a similar line to close the second verse, advising listeners, “So play the cards that you’re dealt / Nobody likes you more than when you’re being yourself.” Benjamin Abraham plays ‘champion’ to Gnash on the bridge before Gnash reprises the aforementioned chorus. The outro perfectly sums up this gem and its transcendent message: “Just the way I am / I’m proud of who I am.” 

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