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A jazz-kissed ballad penned by Williams and produced by the late great Maurice White of Earth, Wind, and Fire. Another 70s classic, that perfectly fits into this playlist with it’s angelic melodies.

From the opening, the listener is introduced to the soft strings and key notes, that are as familiar as wind chimes echoing through the air. Followed by William’s whispery vocals, delicately drawing you into her world of song. So many elements of this song one could easily fall in love with, but it’s those simple words, “And I just got to be me, free, free,” that seals it for me.

This song maintains a intimate tone, while William’s flexes her upper ranges, singing the words “free” and “me”, expressing her desire to be independent and break free from a traditional way of life planned out for her. Isn’t that what we are essentially wanting to be? Free? Just to be who we were created to be, to be free from society’s expectations, and just be. I couldn’t think of a better choice than a song that speaks to what the soul essential wants…To be free.

Denice Williams of Gary, Indiana, was originally a backup vocalist for Stevie Wonder, Minnie Riperton, and Robert Flack.  But it was her breakout hit “Free” from her 1976 debut album “This is Niecy” that solidified her as a sultry solo R&B vocalist in her own right!  Ironically, “Free,” mirrors Williams on professional journey of transitioning from a background vocalist to an independent artist.

The alluring element in Williams work, especially this track is her astonishing range and soft vocal style. If you are not clear of why this is one of my top picks and personal favorites, I encourage you to just take a listen and I guarantee that you will understand what solidifies this track to warm up your soul! It just keeps getting better! :)

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