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So on my personal timelines I keep seeing a ton of videos from fans doing a dance with their mom, wife, girlfriend, grandmother, or any other female they feel means a lot to them. The track used in the videos is from Algernod Lanier Washington from Fort Myers, Florida better known by his stage name "Plies".

In the last couple years now I've been following Plies on Instagram and I have to say his promotional tactic has been one a lot of artist need to take note of. Its a very simple tactic really since all he does is engage his fans in what is probably some of the funniest videos on Instagram right now. He addresses common issues and some times not so common issues but gives his feedback in a way that fits his character. It keeps you engaged to the point that you feel you have to go check out his music.

In this record "ROCK"  Plies gives many reason why he feels "She" as in what ever female he is talking about is his rock. With lyrics like "What can I say when thangs get ugly, she don't get ghost"  Plies addresses the fact that he feels you should respect any woman that sticks with you. If you have followed him for a while or even do some research and go back you will see that this is not just a song for Plies. You know this is really how he feels and that is a part of what makes this a dope record. So press play and be prepared to fight off the urge to post an Instagram picture of you and your mom dancing to this song.. lol

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About the Curator: Adrian “Science”  Robinson

Adrian "Science" Robinson - Musicto Curator

Adrian “Science”  Robinson is a producer, audio engineer, & artist manager who has a love for music that stems from a family long history of singing and dancing.  He attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida for music & video production, and later worked very close with one of Florida’s major independent record labels.  He has lots of fond memories old and new that seems to tie in with many songs, and loves to share them with others. After working with multiple recording studios, independent labels, & internet radio stations, he moved on to publishing music for independent artist in the independent music community. 

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