Shoutouts – Senoj Xo

31 July 2018

When I’m going through and listening to music to put on my list I do it all based on emotions and flavor. I believe all music has a certain flavor, and my particular flavor is very southern. So I find my self being really drawn to what I feel is some of the hottest major and indie southern flavor around…

Smile Bitch – Lil Duval Feat. Snoop Dogg & Ball Greezy

24 July 2018

So I had a few issues in my private life and with my computer over the last few weeks. And I wanted to just share my thoughts on energy, and how it can effect us in life. I will say this and I hope it helps anyone going through a rough time anywhere in life. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!…

Watch – Travis Scott ( Feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Kanye West )

4 July 2018

Ok so I was sitting listening to tracks and reading a few of my music sites that I keep up with. And I came across something where one of the older rappers had some not so good things to say about one of the new guys in the game…


26 June 2018

So with any thing in life there comes some very sad moments and this happens to be one of them.  Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy was a talented young man who even though he had signed a six million dollar deal still considered himself a peoples man. What I mean by this is he never let his fame separate him from the people that made him who he was “his fans”.

Slide – Palmetto Wave

19 June 2018

Yoooo…. ok ok listen…. a message to any artist trying to get on any playlist of any kinds. Do your research. That is the best advice I can ever give. And with this next track I can tell this artist did his research. Anyone who reads what I write and things posted about me know Im from Florida…

Love Me Now – Yaya Flawless

30 May 2018

When talking about southern music and its influence over the rest of the hip hop industry, I cant help but bring some artist that might not totally be from the south but they do nothing but justice to the southern sound.

Do Better – Lil Donald

16 May 2018

LIL Donald is an Atlanta rapper that I came buy from a business associate of mine. What really struck me about him as I learned more was his drive for uplifting women and how positive he seems to want to keep his career.

Hi Bich (Remix) – Bhad Bhabie Feat. YBN Nahmir, Rich The Kid, & Asian Doll

9 May 2018

Danielle Marie Bregoli-Peskowitz, known professionally as Bhad Bhabie, gets a lot of slack because of how she gamed her fame. But don’t let all the hype fool you! This chick got bars for sure! I think because she gained fame from being on Doctor Phill as the “Catch Me Out Side Girl” People overlook her talent.

People Everyday – Arrested Development

25 April 2018

Ok so every now and then I have to remind myself and others where we come from. So today I wanted to cook something up that is a handed down recipe. I know quite a few of the new comers don’t know about this stuff so lets take a trip back in time.


18 April 2018

There are a lot of times that even I somewhat discount a food I see before I even taste it. Only to find out its something I may feel like I cant live without eating all the time. Well this same thing happens in music and Im sure this doesn’t just happen to me.

Free Thoughts Freestyle – Lyric Michelle

10 April 2018

When you think about the south and how it influences todays music you don’t always realize what it can breed into existence. When you think Texas hip hop most would think Paul Wall, LiL Flip, and more. But when I found this jewel I wanted to give you guys a taste of something a little different.

Plug Walk – Rich The Kid

27 March 2018

Dimitri Leslie Roger was born in Queens, New York. He is of Haitian descent and grew up speaking Haitian Creole fluently. After his parents’ divorce, Roger moved with his mother to Woodstock, Georgia, a suburb 30 minutes north of Atlanta, when he was 13. His first rap name was Black Boy The Kid, but later changed it to Rich the Kid. Being one of the original artist signed to Quality Control Music along with The Migos he has had to work very hard to stand out among all the talent in Atlanta…

Hello – Masi & HP

20 March 2018

Ok so there are times that an indie artist or in this case duo just catches your attention and wont let it go. If you are from the south then you understand that head nod and face I was making when I heard the 808 drop in this track…

06 – Koly P

15 March 2018

From Pompano Beach, Florida I give you a whole different flavor. Koly P brings back that old street sound that we haven’t heard since the likes of artist like Soulja Slim.  In every record I’ve heard him on you can do much more than hear the delivery of what ever he wants you to hear, but you can feel it with every line…

Aston Martin Music – Rick Ross

7 March 2018

William Leonard Roberts II , known professionally by his stage name Rick Ross is arguably one of my favorite artist of all time. Not just because he and I are both from Florida or both born in 1976. But because he has over and over delivered some of the greatest music from a hip hop artist. 

Plottin’ – Yung Bleu

27 February 2018

From  Mobile, Alabama, rapper Yung Bleu (born Jeremy Biddle, 1994) got into the industry in early 2010 after watching his brother interact with local hip-hop circles.  Though rapping since he was 11, he first entered the public arena with self-released mixtapes like 2013’s Hello World before eventually becoming involved with Young Boss Entertainment, who worked with the young artist on releasing some early tracks.  The rapper eventually developed a working relationship with Boosie Badazz, collaborating with him on several tracks and landing a deal with Boosie’s Columbia Records-affiliated imprint, Badazz Music Syndicate…

Muddy Situation – Jaydayoungan

14 February 2018

Fresh from  Bogalusa, Louisiana Jaydayoungan is bringing back a sound that we have probably all been longing for again in the south.  That sound we got when we heard some of the artist like Boosie, Wayne, Turk, Soulja Slim, & more. If you don’t know what sound I’m talking about just continue to play this playlist and we will take you on a ride through history and beyond.

Rock – Plies

6 February 2018

So on my personal timelines I keep seeing a ton of videos from fans doing a dance with their mom, wife, girlfriend, grandmother, or any other female they feel means a lot to them. The track used in the videos is from Algernod Lanier Washington from Fort Myers, Florida better known by his stage name “Plies”.

MLK – Peewee Longway

31 January 2018

When I first heard this track I had to share it with everyone I could. Ive been following  Quincy Lamont Williams, better known by his stage name Peewee Longway for quite a while now. And he has done nothing short of impress me with every project he releases. 

Hardaway – Derez Deshon

24 January 2018

Every now and then I will keep hearing a track over and over no matter where I got and not realize how much of a gem it is. This next track falls in that category for me.

Derez Deshon is from Clayton County, GA so pretty much Atlanta. He is one of the artist I kept hearing about doing business in Atlanta myself. One day I asked an artist/friend I work with who they are listening to currently and he mentioned Derez Deshon…

Codeine Dreaming – Kodak Black Feat. Lil Wayne

16 January 2018

Dieuson Octave, better known by his stage name Kodak Black, is most known for his hit singles “No Flockin” and “Tunnel Vision” as well as being one of the new artist from the south to some what challenge the “OGs” of southern hip hop.

Wet Dreamz – J. Cole

9 January 2018

Ok now let me tell you about Jermaine Lamarr Cole born January 28, 1985, better known by J. Cole, a hip hop recording artist and record producer. Raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Cole initially gained recognition as a rapper following the release of his debut mixtape, The Come Up, in early 2007. Intent on further pursuing a solo career as a rapper, he went on to release two additional mixtapes after signing to Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation imprint in 2009.

Peace – Da Deputy

18 December 2017

When I started this playlist I made it clear I wanted to show what the south had to offer when it came to hip hop. When most think of southern hip hop they think of dance music or club music with not much content. I’ve also gotten then feeling that quite a few don’t feel the south have much to offer when it comes to lyrics but I beg to differ.

Poppin’ My Collar – Three 6 Mafia

12 December 2017

When you listen to hip hop in the south right now there is a sound that seems to be heard in a lot of the new generation artist. This sound seems to be getting hatted on quite a bit by some that feel hip hop should sound a certain way or be portrayed a particular way. What a lot of them don’t realize is this sound has been around in the south long before the generation and artist they try to give the credit to and has been done very well on top of that.

Rubbin Off The Paint – YBN Nahmir

6 December 2017

While promoting my own artist from Alabama I came across this young guy who really impressed me. Only 17 and from Birmingham, Alabama Nick Simmons aka YBN Nahmir had built a huge fan base before he even broke one record in the music industry.

Ha – Juvenile

30 November 2017

I remember hearing this song for the first time. It was during a time when the radio stations were dominated by artist from New York or California and hip hop was a lot about how they flowed over the beat and delivery. I remember not liking this track the first time I heard it also.

Big Homie – Blake Featuring Trill Sammy

22 November 2017

OK so normally when my kids come to visit me and my son tend to wander off to my desk and start to compare music and artist we like that are not signed to majors or not that well heard of like some of the others but still great artist. On our latest visit me and my son sat around listening to artist on YouTube and SoundCloud. He pointed out a couple artist that him and his sister listen to quite often and I’m really digging what these guys are doing.

Cold Hearted – Shown 1k

14 November 2017

About 6 to 7 years ago one of the A&R’s I worked with approached me about working with a artist. At the time I still lived In Florida, and this artist was from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I wasn’t sure how that was going to work but this person assured me once I heard this guy I would definitely want to work with him. 

Paradise – Trick Daddy & Trina, [Feat. Mike Smiff]

8 November 2017

Ok so I had to put this record on my list once I heard it. I’m writing this on the day It was released and it gave me one of the best feelings I’ve had in a while. Yes its a Trick Daddy track again but this time its a joint project he did with his label mates Trina and new comer to the label Mike Smiff.

GG [Remix] – YoungBoy Never Broke Again (feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie)

31 October 2017

YoungBoy Never Broke Again (and yes that whole thing is his name), Is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The same city and state as some other pretty huge recording artist.  The difference for him is defiantly his age and sound. Being only 17 he seems to speak to the millennials with the words they feel they can relate to and live by. With his name alone he tells you he plans to never be broke again, and I think he is well on track with this record.

Neva Gets Old – Lamar Crushin

24 October 2017

When I started this list I wanted to not only give anyone who listened to it a good taste of what the south can and will do on a major level but also on an indie level too. So I came across the guy while going through some stuff i wanted to add to my list. And after doing some homework on him i was pretty amazed on how he delivered that southern twang being from so close to the north east. 

Thuggin – Trae Tha Truth, feat. Young Thug, Skippa Da Flippa

17 October 2017

During the time of working on this list we had a pretty bad event happen in the south by the name of “Hurricane Harvey”. Harvey really did some damage to Huston, Texas and left a lot of families with no home and even stuck because practically the whole city became flooded. While watching the news I see a guy going around on his boat helping to rescue citizens. As they zoomed in you see it was this guy Trae Tha Truth. One thing I can say about Texas hip-hop is since I can remember they have always stuck together and tried to help one another.

Ugly – Bubba Sparxxx

10 October 2017

If you start to list white rappers now a days in hip hop people tend to forget about Bubba Sparxxx from LaGrange, Ga. Most think of quite a few others from other areas because they seemed to have larger hit records.

Swang – Rae Sremmurd

3 October 2017

When we are talking new-south hip-hop we cant go without mentioning 2 brothers from Tupelo, Mississippi. Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi first showed up in a major way back around 2013 when producer Mike Will Made-It introduced them.

Take It To Da House – Trick Daddy

25 September 2017

Being from Florida It wouldn’t be right If I didn’t give you a taste of that FLA sound. And one of the only ways to start it off and make sure you understand where that sound comes from is to give you some Miami.

I’m Better – Missy Elliott feat. Lamb

19 September 2017

 When you think of the south most don’t think about the fact that Virginia is actually a part of the south. So a lot of dope records, artist and producers get left out because of this. There is a group of people from this  area that helped shape what hip-hop is today.

Bout It, Bout It – Master P feat. Mia X

18 September 2017

I don’t feel I would represent southern hip hop very well without including this record. For anyone who has been in music or even into music in the south around my age they got a chance to watch what Master P did as an independent label owner and artist…

Forever Young – Lil Yachty

15 September 2017

I’ve gotten a chance to watch quite a few interviews with Lil Yachty, and I have to say I’ve be really impressed with how he seems to stick to his guns on what he wants as a artist. I remember him going through a bit of back and forth with veteran rapper Joe Budden…

Sho Nuff – Tela feat. 8 Ball & MJG

15 September 2017

I think I was 19 when this record was released to the public. And by this time being a teen in my city in Florida If you had a car it was more than likely laced with subwoofers, amps, & tweeters. If you could hear yourself talking while playing music you didn’t have enough bass.

Real Hitta – Plies feat. Kodak Black

15 September 2017

If you like your wheels big on your donk and teeth gold in your mouth. This record just might be a part of the soundtrack for your love scene. Plies gives it to you raw and uncut with his humor that we have grown to love over the last few years from his social media videos. 

Player’s Ball – Outkast

9 September 2017

This record was the beginning of a whole new era in the south for music. It was proof that southern rappers could actually put out real hip hop. It gave validation to all of the southern rappers to come. After this record the south was here for the long hall in hip hop and able to do more than just make dance music with a few chants and a bunch of big bass.