Shoutouts – Senoj Xo

31 July 2018

When I’m going through and listening to music to put on my list I do it all based on emotions and flavor. I believe all music has a certain flavor, and my particular flavor is very southern. So I find my self being really drawn to what I feel is some of the hottest major and indie southern flavor around…

Smile Bitch – Lil Duval Feat. Snoop Dogg & Ball Greezy

24 July 2018

So I had a few issues in my private life and with my computer over the last few weeks. And I wanted to just share my thoughts on energy, and how it can effect us in life. I will say this and I hope it helps anyone going through a rough time anywhere in life. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!…

Watch – Travis Scott ( Feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Kanye West )

4 July 2018

Ok so I was sitting listening to tracks and reading a few of my music sites that I keep up with. And I came across something where one of the older rappers had some not so good things to say about one of the new guys in the game…


26 June 2018

So with any thing in life there comes some very sad moments and this happens to be one of them.  Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy was a talented young man who even though he had signed a six million dollar deal still considered himself a peoples man. What I mean by this is he never let his fame separate him from the people that made him who he was “his fans”.

Slide – Palmetto Wave

19 June 2018

Yoooo…. ok ok listen…. a message to any artist trying to get on any playlist of any kinds. Do your research. That is the best advice I can ever give. And with this next track I can tell this artist did his research. Anyone who reads what I write and things posted about me know Im from Florida…

Love Me Now – Yaya Flawless

30 May 2018

When talking about southern music and its influence over the rest of the hip hop industry, I cant help but bring some artist that might not totally be from the south but they do nothing but justice to the southern sound.

Do Better – Lil Donald

16 May 2018

LIL Donald is an Atlanta rapper that I came buy from a business associate of mine. What really struck me about him as I learned more was his drive for uplifting women and how positive he seems to want to keep his career.

Hi Bich (Remix) – Bhad Bhabie Feat. YBN Nahmir, Rich The Kid, & Asian Doll

9 May 2018

Danielle Marie Bregoli-Peskowitz, known professionally as Bhad Bhabie, gets a lot of slack because of how she gamed her fame. But don’t let all the hype fool you! This chick got bars for sure! I think because she gained fame from being on Doctor Phill as the “Catch Me Out Side Girl” People overlook her talent.

People Everyday – Arrested Development

25 April 2018

Ok so every now and then I have to remind myself and others where we come from. So today I wanted to cook something up that is a handed down recipe. I know quite a few of the new comers don’t know about this stuff so lets take a trip back in time.


18 April 2018

There are a lot of times that even I somewhat discount a food I see before I even taste it. Only to find out its something I may feel like I cant live without eating all the time. Well this same thing happens in music and Im sure this doesn’t just happen to me.