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William Leonard Roberts II , known professionally by his stage name Rick Ross is arguably one of my favorite artist of all time. Not just because he and I are both from Florida or both born in 1976. But because he has over and over delivered some of the greatest music from a hip hop artist. 

What makes his music so amazing is how he uses such a classy delivery, and tops it off with a very classy persona to boot. When you hear his music you can almost see the classiness of what he is talking about. He is the perfect example of when I say southern hip hop artist can be just as lyrical as any other region. 

When I heard he was in the hospital around the time of writing this and how bad it may have been at the time. I felt it was fitting to add him to the playlist and show why everyone around the world showed so much support for such a talented artist. In this record he is backed up by Drake & Chrisette Michele to make this track sound even more classic. With production from Florida based production team The Justice League (who tend to play more live instruments than sample). You cant help but be musically inspired by this song. I say put the playlist on in your car and once you get to this record turn it up let the windows down and cruse real slow. Slight disclaimer.... Im not responsible for any neck injuries from bobbing your head.

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About the Curator: Adrian “Science”  Robinson

Adrian "Science" Robinson - Musicto Curator

Adrian “Science”  Robinson is a producer, audio engineer, & artist manager who has a love for music that stems from a family long history of singing and dancing.  He attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida for music & video production, and later worked very close with one of Florida’s major independent record labels.  He has lots of fond memories old and new that seems to tie in with many songs, and loves to share them with others. After working with multiple recording studios, independent labels, & internet radio stations, he moved on to publishing music for independent artist in the independent music community. 

Twitter: @TrueScience772
IG: @TrueScience772