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Exit Songs For Your Funeral

Tracks to provide the soundtrack of how people will remember you. Featuring artists like: Fleetwood Mac, Kehlani, John Mayer, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Michael Jackson, My Chemical Romance, Pink Floyd, FKJ, Peter Sauleda, Franz Schubert
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Conquering Worlds

Hybrid Orchestral Adrenaline to get you going. Featuring artists like: Olexandr Ignatov, Two Steps from Hell, Kevin Rix, David Chappell, Really Slow Motion, Leonard Bernstein, Dmitry Ustinov, Geoff Love & His Orchestra
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The Ebb and Flow of Brazil

Feel the plural beats of Brazil. Featuring artists like: Egberto Gismonti, Caixa Cubo, Ronnie Von, Os Originais Do Samba, Sérgio Ricardo, Defalla, Banda Black Rio, Cesar Camargo Mariano
The Ebb and Flow of Brazil


All of us have suffered some sort of heartbreak and music puts melody and lyric to our innermost feelings and ultimately helps us to move on. Featuring artists like: • Beck • Pete Yorn • CAKE • The Strokes • The Decemberists • Florence + The Machine • Ben Folds Five • Arcade Fire • The Postal Service
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Humaning Is Hard – Part 2

Relationships getting you down? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. Here’s a list to get you through. Featuring artists like: Shannon Moore, Starcrawler, Civil Twilight, Prinz Pi, The Hold Steady, All Time Low, Oh Wonder, Fall Out Boy
Humaning is Hard - Part 2

Riff Rock

You want Rock? We got you covered with a playlist full of riff driven bangers! Featuring Artists Like: The White Stripes, PJ Harvey, Them Crooked Vultures, Kasabian, Aida Victoria, Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, Pink Floyd, The Clash
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15 Great Songs for your Vampire Ball

Vampires have power over our imagination. They tap into our fears of death, sometimes our fears of eternal life, and on Halloween, more often than not, our sense of fun. These 15 great songs for your vampire ball inspired the community to wax nostalgic, give sage warnings, and write vampire short fiction. Bite in. Enjoy!
A Vampire hovers over victim

Open Letter – Mr. Phelps

So it’s September – and for the Grieve To list – that means our thoughts turn to suicide.

Yep – if you didn’t know – September is Suicide Awareness Month – it’s also National Suicide Prevention Month and in fact right now – between the 8th and the 14th – it’s actually National Suicide Prevention Week. If you are in any doubt as to the impact suicide has on society – spend a minute here: Suicide Statistics – the rate inches up every year – and as a middle aged white male – well – I’m slap bang in the highest risk group…

Open Letter – Mr. Phelps

Death Dream – Frightened Rabbit

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week!

…at least it was – it was when Scott Hutchison of one of my favorite bands Frightened Rabbit took his own life – probably acting out the story of a song he’d written 10 years ago – 10 years ago when he had more hope.

Death Dream – Frightened Rabbit

I Could Be The One – Noonie Bao Acoustic Mix – Avicii, Nicky Romero

I thought there’d be a couple of Avicii tracks in this week’s submissions and while Noka’s selection of Wake Me Up on the Music to Vibe To list was beautifully written and a must read / listen, it was the track from Matt Jenko and the Music to Save The World playlist that caught my ear.

I Could Be The One - Noonie Bao Acoustic Mix - Avicii, Nicky Romero

A Life in Full Color (song for Louis) – Gerhardt

Why write a song reflecting on the suicide of a beloved friend?  Why send it out into the world?  What purpose does that serve?   Ever since Gerhardt reached out and sent me this beautiful track, I’ve been reflecting on those questions – and while I don’t have an answer, I have an idea of one…

Best version of yourself — a playlist by Katrin Johansson • powered by musicto

It will simply make you the best version of yourself – featuring artists like Imagine Dragons • Muse • Julia Michaels • Lauv • Tove Lo • Sia • Queen