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This week, we're doing things a bit different. Because that's what heroes do. They break the rules (but not the law, that's more the realm of the villains and we aren't interested in those sorts).

So, on to this subtly different, all new version of Music to Save the World. You see, when Hemmit sent me this track a couple of weeks back, I knew it was something a little special, and that we'd have to have a little chat about it. And so this week's entry enjoys the privilege of being the very first to feature the artist's input in the write-up. It's not necessarily the case that I didn't want to interview the likes of Diplo or deadmau5 from earlier weeks, it's just very difficult for me to find the time to fit them into my rockstar lifestyle. It's cool though, they understand. 

For me, the most important thing about a song is the imagery. I want to be taken on a journey when I listen to a track, and 'Waves' does just that. It's easy to imagine yourself floating underwater, blissfully exploring a submerged world with all of your anxieties washing away. When I asked Hemmit what this imagery meant to him, he described it as "this sort of water/rebirth, butterfly metamorphosis that can happen when we embrace what we love and want to do with life." If this was the point in the hero's character arc where they accept their true calling and finally become the hero they were meant to be, Waves would be the soundtrack to this revelation. 

You guys know how much I love music with true depth, and aside from the obvious depth oceanic imagery provides, Waves has even more moving beneath the surface. "It's the idea of seeing what makes you happy then taking a chance on yourself and going for it," Hemmit told me. Waves was his journey from being a corporate drone, to "packing it all up and moving to Portland and growing into a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist." I mean, take a second to appreciate the heroism in that act. In a world fuelled by obligation and 'realistic expectations', taking a chance on yourself and on your dream can be one of the most courageous things a hero can do. 

I think if you enjoyed 'Bow' from Kasabian a couple of months back, you'll really love 'Waves.' Make no mistake, Hemmit's sound is incredibly fresh and unique to him, but I'm sure you'll agree that there's a lot of Tom Meighan present in his vocal, not to mention all of the audio subtleties dancing across the sound-sphere that make both acts just so damned enjoyable to listen to. 

Have a great week kiddas x

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