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Like Music to Dali & Jay-Z Lovers post last week, this week's Save the World! entry was inspired by the recent release of Marvel's Black Panther. It's rare that to have a film score deviate from traditional cinematic motifs and pull it off so well, but I really feel my enjoyment of the film was in no small part due to Kendrick's impeccable song curation. As curators ourselves, we know the impact that the right song can have on a particular moment, and it was humbling to see it done on a Hollywood scale.

Since the heroic nature of the subject matter pretty much speaks for itself this week, I'm not going to labour over any obvious imagery since to do so would be the equivalent of a toddler's crayon drawing of a dog; cute, but not particularly sophisticated.

Instead, let's talk about radical influence that discovering Vince Staples has had on both my musical proclivities in general and on my direction as a producer. It's actually one of those strange coincidences that I saw the film only a few days after plunging head first into Big Fish Theory, having come across Vince, probably unsurprisingly, through his collaboration with Flume (which, as part of the ongoing struggle to fight the urge to make this a Flume appreciation playlist, I decided not to submit as this week's track), but the timing has certainly helped to tie everything up in a neat little bow. 

This is a genre that's somehow stayed off my radar for years, but Vince, along with Vic Mensa and Pusha T (who are both incidentally Flume collaborators. Honestly, the obsession just pushes through doesn't it), have got me hooked on the magic of the 808 (and you know I loves me some distorted 808). 

Expect more from this world in the weeks to come x

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