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I'll be honest, I've had myself a pretty weird couple of weeks. Not to take this playlist to a place of doom and gloom, but I've not been feeling so Victorious! lately. In fact, I've been in a bit of a rut. 

But that's okay! Heroes aren't always winning. That'd make for some shit-boring cinema, and if box office success is anything to go by, we know that's certainly not the case. I won't reference any particular heroes here for fear of flaming up a DC/Marvel turf-war, except of course for Mr Incredible, who quite famously finds himself in the mother of all ruts. And everything turns out pretty great for him, so, y'know. Chin up. 

In an effort to force a change in perspective, this week's track is the most uplifting thing I could think of. I dare you to throw this on and not feel 100x more powerful. If it were a supersuit, you know for a fact Frozone would be asking his wife where it was (which of course, he should know himself since it's not his wife's job to know where his clothes are kept. This ain't the 50s kiddo). 

I've tried to keep my Flume obsession under control to give other artists a chance to breathe on this playlist, but I think I can get away with this one since it's a remix and therefore technically a Hermitude track. In classic Flume style, this version of HyperParadise is what a *true* remix should be; an elegant re-imagination of an already brilliant track, taking just a few elements from the original and, much like a Master Builder from the Lego Movie (yeah, they're all heroes in that too, shut up I like Lego), creating something completely different. 

I get so frustrated hearing the lazy rehashes the keep popping up on the radio in an infuriating abundance these days, where the "producer" in question has taken all of five minutes to throw a dance beat behind an old pop track and then *definitely not ruined* the whole thing with ridiculous noises that make Ross Geller look like a musical virtuoso... 

Anyway, enjoy yourself some Flumey goodness this week (which sounds far more diseasy than it should do), and if you're in a rut like I've been, remember that all great heroes go through hardship along their character arc. And if that fails, just drag up a song that should have died in the 90s and put some helicopter noises over it. That'll work. 

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