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True heroes don't follow the rules. 


Too often these days, we're tricked into thinking that life follows a paint-by-numbers format, and that if we don't follow this format, we'll find ourselves in trouble. You can see this everywhere you look, and it's a bit worrying to think that sometimes we're falling into the same trap and not even realising it. 


That's why we need tracks like 'Blackout.' Tracks that completely disregard the rules, and instead forge ahead along their own path. Fusing the ethereal licks and guitar stabs from 70s psychedelic rock with the driving groove of contemporary house music, Blackout serves a refreshing hit that disregards genre and takes the listener on an incredible auditory journey. One of the most exciting aspects of the track for me is the beautiful arpeggio swimming throughout, exotic and mysterious, and placed in that ambient sweet-spot within the mix so as to be noticeable without being overpowering. 


There's so much to be admired in this visionary work, and I find myself noticing something new on each listen. Tracks like this reward the repeat listener with these little subtleties, and are what makes a great song stand out from those that are merely good. If you want my advice, the best way to enjoy this track is by giving it your full attention; that means on loop and through headphones, and I guarantee you'll be guided to some incredible places. For bonus points, listen to the extended edit (which can be found on Frank's artist profile on Spotify), and take the unabridged journey. 


Tracks like this, that are layered with deep ambience and virtuosic musicianship, are rare finds in a world where music has so many rules that need to be obeyed. Don't follow the crowd. Explore unknown musical vistas, and discover the music that's truly worth listening to. 

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About the curator - Matt Jenko

Matt Jenko - Music to Curator

Matt Jenko is a university postgraduate and music producer with an unhealthy obsession with Rick & Morty and all things Game of Thrones. When he’s not in the studio (a rare occurrence these days), he’s fueling his passion for music either on the net or out in the real world. He likes being out in the nature (in the least strenuous capacity though, let’s be real here) and chilling with his cat, and he’s also pretty proud of his mammoth collection of books that he’s never read.

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