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Brooklyn native Jermey Malvin returns as Chrome Sparks with his debut and self titled LP. Shortly after starting producing electronic music in 2010 in his college dorm in Ann Arbor, Michigan Chrome Sparks explodes onto the scene with his breakout track “Marijuana” in 2012 and signed with the electronic mega label Future Classic shortly after. After a string of EP releases with My <3 and Malvin Sparks It’s time for Jermey to show us what he can do with a full length project. And his debut single O, My Perfection is a perfect start.

The syncopated bass line and glossy synths make up the body of this track while the retro synth lead drives it home as an eerily robotic voice whispers the title of the track. Seemingly referencing the fact that this is his lead single for his long awaited album and this is his defining statement. Chrome Sparks is back and here to remind us all why we all love him. If  this track intrigues you then check out his new album. Because Jermey Malvin is a clever producer with many tricks up his sleeve. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ironically hiding a song even better then this on the Chrome Sparks LP.

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