Johnathan Fludd

O, My Perfection – Chrome Sparks

3 October 2018

Brooklyn native Jermey Malvin returns as Chrome Sparks with his debut and self titled LP. Shortly after starting producing electronic music in 2010 in his college dorm in Ann Arbor, Michigan Chrome Sparks explodes onto the scene with his breakout track “Marijuana” in 2012 and signed with the electronic mega label Future Classic shortly after. After a string of EP releases with My <3 and Malvin Sparks It’s time for Jermey to show us what he can do with a full length project. And his debut single O, My Perfection is a perfect start.

Make Me Feel Like Your Bitch – Parallelephants

23 August 2018

Parallelephants are a local synth pop band based out of San Antonio TX. Since I currently reside there, I’m pretty hip to what’s popular as far as local talent goes. This is my favorite local band and they don’t half as much love as they deserve in my opinion. Their unique blend of electronic, alternative and hip hop gives them a unique voice in the city that can’t be easily replicated.

Starfruit LA – Choker

16 August 2018

Choker is back for his second EP Honeybloom and I couldn’t be happier. Seemingly out of nowhere he dropped this project with little to no promotion. Not one for social media, only sporting a Twitter account that tweets about twice a year. Choker mysteriously crept back onto the scene with a cryptic tweet stating that his new project was out now. He’s the type of artist who communicates through music only. And he has every right to because Honeybloom is amazing from start to finish.

Street Sweeper – JMSN

2 August 2018

Producer/Songwriter Christian Berishaj aka JMSN has been on my radar for as long as I’ve been digging for music. Since I  discovered his music in 2012 he’s dropped multiple projects and all of them deliver.

Crave You – Flight Facilities Ft. Giselle

28 July 2018

Australian producers Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell come together as the electronic music duo Flight Facilities. 

Their first original song just happened to be what pushed them in to the lime light. Crave you, written and performed by Giselle Rosselli. Crave you is a poppy house track about being interested in someone who doesn’t know you exist.

Everything To Me – Lips

20 July 2018

Lips is a girl with giant lips for a head. 

New Zealand born and Brooklyn raised Stephanie Brown performs under a mask of bright red lips. Her mysterious wardrobe keeps the focus away from her looks and back to what’s important, the music.

By My Side – Porches

12 July 2018

New York Native Aaron Maine dropped his his third project “The House” Under his PORCHES monicker. His downtempo synthpop style is great for rainy nights and long introspective walks.

Flaming Hot Cheetos – Clairo

6 July 2018

19 year old Boston native Clair Cottrill burst into the scene last year with her DIY music video for “pretty girl” ever since then she’s been hailed the queen of Lo-Fi bedroom pop. 

West – River Tiber & Daniel Caesar

21 June 2018

This song includes two people previously introduced on my playlist. Which I try my hardest not to do for the sake of variety. But sometimes rules are meant to be broken. The reason both of these artists are back is because of their exceptional bodies of work. Every project released by them have equally resonated with me in some way or another.

Slow Down – Mac Ayres

15 June 2018

20 Year old Mac Ayres exploded quickly with his first EP “Drive Slow”. As a kid from Sea Cliff, NY. He moved to Boston to attend the Berkeley College of Music. Being around so many different artists allowed him to explore different styles until he found the grove for his EP.

Clear – Matty

30 May 2018

Matthew Tavares or Matty as he’s known by friends and family is the keyboardist of BadBadNotGood who has taken time away from touring to work on a solo project. Fear not, he’s very much still apart of the band and his colleges support him 100%. With the blessings of his bandmates and a temporary leave of absence Matthew had time to work on his first solo EP Déjàvu as Matty.

Everytime – Boy Pablo

23 May 2018

19 year old Pablo Muńoz struck gold with a song called Everytime off his first EP Roy Pablo. His song only got a few thousand views at first but got 30,000 views because it was posted to reddit page r/listentothis. After that a YouTube algorithm put his music video in everyone’s recommended list and the rest is history as his track shot up to a million views in over a month.