Johnathan Fludd


20 February 2018

When I first discovered this song I was blown away. With me recently getting into the indie scene I had a lot of ground to cover. This song always stood out to me and set a standard of creativity in the genre that I look for in other artists. This jazzy Lo-Fi electronic fusion was an undeniably great mix. Which was why Homeshake chose this as the lead single for his album Fresh Air.

On My Mind – Jorja Smith

13 February 2018

I’m back with more UK goodness this week with Jorja Smith & Preditah. On my mind is a groovy club track track with enough groove to make you move your feet. 

Sober – Mahalia

6 February 2018

The UK is is stacked with musical talent. So much so that I believe they have America beat in almost every genre. The next wave of great young artists will be mostly be from the UK. I could go down the list but I want to save some of these artists for future posts.

Violet – Daniel Caesar

29 January 2018

Daniel Caesar broke onto the mainstream scene with his breakout hit Get You. But for some including myself the song Violet. Now I’m not going to pretend that I knew Daniel Caesar before everyone else.  Violet was one of those songs that I stumbled upon and enjoyed but never payed attention to who the artist was. Two years later I put the pieces together and realized this was not an artist to overlook.

Mourn – Corbin

16 January 2018

If anyone was around for the Spooky Black era you’ve see how far this kid has come. He went viral with his hit song Without You at 16 years old. At the time we haven’t seen a kid look like him and sing like that in a while. He was our special little gem. Unfortunately he disappeared not too long after that…

Doses & Mimosas – Cherub

9 January 2018

I don’t know why I like this song. Maybe it feeds into my inner need to have haters. Everyone likes me to my knowledge. Or maybe I’m exactly the demographic for this song. People who are unapologetically themselves without thinking who they are annoying. I’d like to think I have the self awareness to know when I’m being an ass but based on my lack of knowledge of who hates me I’m probably wrong..

Feel It All Around – Washed Out

18 December 2017

There are certain songs that define a genre. When people think of the short lived chillwave genre people think of Washed out – Feel it all around.


12 December 2017

Kaytranada’s At All was my first introduction to the future bass genre and the first time a genuinely enjoyed house music. This song singlehandedly made Kaytranada a cult favorite and a one of the OG’s of the future bass genre. Everyone wanted to be Kaytra, everyone had a house song but nobody had that Kaytranada flair. His swing and basslines were unmatched and those classic Kaytra synths couldn’t be replicated. 

Terrified – Childish Gambino

5 December 2017

If you’ve somehow managed to avoid Childish Gamino’s Redbone until now I have a trophy ready for you to pick up at your earliest convenience. It swept the nation and hooked millions of listeners with its smooth bass lines and soaring falsetto. But I have an unpopular opinion incoming. Redbone is not the best song on this album. Most popular, yes. But the best song has to go to terrified…

Underwaterfall – Bearcubs

28 November 2017

For a while Bearcubs was primary known as an electronic music producer before surprising us with his first EP Underwaterfall as a vocalist. The production is dark and minimalistic. The lyrics hint at anxiety and depression issues. As the track picks up steam you realize how deep this track hits. With swirling vocals and heavy synths Bearcubs takes you under into the abyss.

Feels – Giraffage

21 November 2017

Introducing a special track of mine as far as personal favorite songs go we have Giraffage – Feels. Before this song was “ruined” by the peanut butter baby vine it was an underground gem. A wavy percussion filled joyride with chopped up samples from the airplane scene in Adam Sandler’s The Wedding Singer.

Lovely – Brent Faiyaz

14 November 2017

This song is for the 2am drives to that special (Or not so special) someone’s house. Regardless, “Lovely” brings back memories those intimate moments. Those chance encounters where two people just happen to be in the same place. They hit it off and end up going the distance. Almost never sober, but that’s what makes it special. Two people giving in to their primal instincts, forgetting about outside opinions and skipping the filler.