Johnathan Fludd

Clear – Matty

30 May 2018

Matthew Tavares or Matty as he’s known by friends and family is the keyboardist of BadBadNotGood who has taken time away from touring to work on a solo project. Fear not, he’s very much still apart of the band and his colleges support him 100%. With the blessings of his bandmates and a temporary leave of absence Matthew had time to work on his first solo EP Déjàvu as Matty.

Everytime – Boy Pablo

23 May 2018

19 year old Pablo Muńoz struck gold with a song called Everytime off his first EP Roy Pablo. His song only got a few thousand views at first but got 30,000 views because it was posted to reddit page r/listentothis. After that a YouTube algorithm put his music video in everyone’s recommended list and the rest is history as his track shot up to a million views in over a month.

Lying Has To Stop – Soft Hair

14 May 2018

Connan Mockasin and Sam Dust combine as Soft Hair to release their self titled EP. Once mortal enemies after both Connan and Sam’s bands were accused of stealing a very expensive fiberglass pig from a mansion party they both were booked to perform at. Fights ensued and it was later found out that Connan’s bassist was the culprit and he was fired on the spot.

Heads Or Tails – Winona Forever

28 April 2018

Vancouver band Winona Forever is one of my favorite discoveries of this year. With two EP’s under their belt and a new EP on the way, “Heads Or Tails” is Proving to be their strongest single yet. With jazzy horns, a groovy bass line and some of the best drumming I’ve heard from an indie band in a while. Winona Forever is rising fast.

Sean Nicholas Savage – Propaganda

23 April 2018

Sean Nicholas Savage is Canadian singer by way of Arbutus Records and is one of my greatest discoveries since diving deep into the indie scene. His voice has so much character to it. Even after listening to him a few times, every song is full of sophisticated energy. And with six projects under his belt your sure to find the right vibe for the occasion.

Bet She Looks Like You – Nick Hakim

17 April 2018

Where do I start? Nick Hakim’s soulful voice hit me like a truck. So
much so that I remember where I was when I first heard him. I was
trying Japanese shaved ice for the first time (Not a fan) and this
song was playing in the store. Me being a music nut I got up out of my
seat and politely demanded the name of the song. I immediately put it
into my playlist and had it on repeat for days.

Toro Y Moi – Still Sound

11 April 2018

Need more house cleaning music? Well I hope you have on comfortable shoes! Toro Y Moi’s Still Sound is exactly what you’re looking for. The groovy bass line and guitar riffs are sure to bring out your inner dance machine

Halfway Zen – Jerry Paper

11 April 2018

This is Jerry Paper. His unique style of indie synth pop is something I can only describe as “Toy Box Music”. The aesthetic is very lo-fi and minimalistic with child like instrumentals that could brighten any mood. His happy go lucky style brings out your inner child as he sings with an awkwardness you can’t help but love.

Let You Go – River Tiber

2 April 2018

Tommy Paxton-Bexley AKA Toronto artist River Tiber has been making waves since early 2013. After growing up studying music and playing multiple instruments as a child he began to show his talents not only as a producer but as an vocalist as well. Let You Go blends electronic R&B with downtempo and lo-fi for a chilling blend of late night vibes…

Away – Yeek

27 March 2018

Sebastian Carandang is the Asian American artist known as Yeek. With less than $1000 in his bank account he packed his car and set out from Florida to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a musician. Now on his second EP Sebastian he’s found his rhythm. Mixing electronic, hip hop and indie music in refreshing way…