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Matthew Tavares or Matty as he’s known by friends and family is the keyboardist of BadBadNotGood who has taken time away from touring to work on a solo project. Fear not, he’s very much still apart of the band and his colleges support him 100%. With the blessings of his bandmates and a temporary leave of absence Matthew had time to work on his first solo EP Déjàvu as Matty.

Clear is the second single off his forthcoming EP. It’s heavy psychedelic rock and synth pop influences rear its head clearly. It’s a slow riding funky joyride and Matty’s smooth voice floats across the track in a dreamlike fashion. I want want to blast off to this track of you know what I mean. It has that feeling to it.I’m excited for June 15th, one of the most underrated bands of this half decade’s members gets to spread his wings and go solo for awhile. I hope one day they all can do the same if possible. But for now I’ll settle for Matty and Déjàvu.

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