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When I first discovered this song I was blown away. With me recently getting into the indie scene I had a lot of ground to cover. This song always stood out to me and set a standard of creativity in the genre that I look for in other artists. This jazzy Lo-Fi electronic fusion was an undeniably great mix. Which was why Homeshake chose this as the lead single for his album Fresh Air.

Peter Sagar is the former guitarist of indie giant Mac DeMarco. Which makes perfect since when you think about it. Spending years behind an artist like that. Learning and honing your skills preparing for your big splash. I don’t blame him for going solo. Peter and Mac are still on good terms. It was just time for Peter to break off and show the world that he’s more than just a guitarist. And with this album he’s catapulted himself into the higher ranks of the indie scene and I’m sure there will come a time when he’s just as mainstream as Mac DeMarco. He has the potential to hold the torch.

I’m waving my Homeshake flag high. This guy is gonna be huge. Mark my words!

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