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Formed by Ron Banks and Larry Reed in the early 60’s, The Dramatics released almost 20 albums, even collaborating with Snoop Dog, on the Doggy Dog World track.   This week's track "What you see is what you get" was awarded gold disc status by the Recording Industry Association of America in 1971.  These guys are super cool.  A simple message, more and more I am aware of what I see, and now, what I get.

I was driving down the road the other day, I saw a fully grown tree that I had never seen before, probably older than me, where had I been looking?  When I am driving or walking in a familiar place, I have been trying to look in a different direction, to see something different, or, to see the same thing from a different point of view.  Look left instead of right, look up instead of down.  

They say you can join different parts of your brain by behaving differently, your brain is forced to learn, or relearn, or unlearn something.  Brush your teeth with your left hand instead of right, or right instead of left, or just brush your teeth!

If we always look at the same thing, in the same way, we will always get the same thing.  

So if we get what we see,  and we don’t like it, we can try to see something else, to get something else.  I was able to learn about forgiveness this way, sick of triggering anger and hurt in myself everytime I thought about a particular person or event, I began to force my brain to see things from a different point of view.  

A small change in how I saw things, put me on a road to letting go.  The things around me dont need to change in order for me to feel better, or enjoy my life more.  I am the point of view for my reality, If I don’t like what I see, it starts with me.

Do you like what you see? Do you like what you get?

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About the Curator: Erin Murray

Erin, a Mother of 1 little man and wife to 1 big man has learnt much about herself in the past few years.   After moving from the city to the bush (near the Ocean), there weren’t as many distractions as she had become accustomed to, in a smaller community she lost her anonymity and slowly began to become aware of herself, her feelings, the life she had created for herself and her relationships with others.  Seeking change from the feelings and behaviors which had become her normal, she sought out methods to do just that.  Slowly at first, then a bit more and a bit more she is becoming aware of what she actually wants for herself and has begun removing the things that aren’t that, inside and out.  Learning about faith (not religionJ), fun and how to be gentle with herself and others along the way.