Erin Murray

Love Me Like a River Does – Melody Gardot

9 January 2019

It is easy for a fear to become so great that it shows up, you spend so much time thinking about it, then one day you see it in front of you, or someone tells you it is happening, perhaps unexpectedly, or maybe more accurately, just as you had expected.

Heaven’s gonna burn your eyes – Thievery Corporation ft. Emiliana Torrini

25 September 2018

Rob Garza and Eric Hilton are Thievery Corporation, often working with other artists to produce the dream for the song into reality, in this case the vocals are by Emiliana Torrini…

Carry Your Kin – Acoustic – The Breath

4 September 2018

Carry Your Kin by The Breath appeared on the album of the same name in 2016. I have chosen the acoustic version, featured on the Carry Your Kin Acoustic EP.  Ríoghnach Connolly sings with an old world patience, accompanied by Stuart McCallum on guitar. This is clean, crisp and very special…

Cave Man – Chris Smither

27 August 2018

How does wisdom come to us? How do we become, wise?

We are so many versions of ourselves in a lifetime. Can we see each version and honour it, thank it and move on?  Knowing that each version brought us to here and now, knowing that we did the best we could at the time, and if we didn’t we learnt from it…

Yanada – The Preatures

9 July 2018

Yanada, from the Girlhood Album was released by the Australian band The Preatures in August 2017.   Written with Indigenous Songwoman Jacinta Tobin, the song features words in Darug, one of the indigenous language groups of the Sydney Region, Yanada means moon…

Walk the Walk – No Trombones

2 July 2018

Thank you to No Trombones for submitting this weeks track, Walk the Walk.  The smooth sound is supported by a great horn section, and the powerful voice of Lil Rounds.  Inspired by those that make promises they don’t keep…..hmmm I think we have all known someone like that.  

The Proposition #1 – Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

19 June 2018

I drive towards him, he is far away, but not too far.  

I have thought of this for years, how to do it, to feel it, to say it, to make it true.  He has waited for me to be ready, seeing things for what they were, that which they are no more.

Wild Imagination – Kurt Vile

12 June 2018

I love the rhythm of this, like a slight wind on water, or winter sun on sand, its a clear and gentle message.  

Have you scaled back your imagination?

Where Will I Be – Emmylou Harris

29 May 2018

From the Wrecking Ball Album, Emmylou Harris sings to us “Where will I be, when that trumpet sounds”.  Wisdom shared throughout the song is beautiful and thought provoking.

Watch Over Me – Bernard Fanning

22 May 2018

Bernard Fanning, former frontman of the Australian multi award winning band Powderfinger, brings us this weeks heartfelt track, Watch Over Me, released on the Tea and Sympathy Album in 2006.  Bernard describes this as a hymn, inspired to write it after watching the funeral of Pope John Paul II. I don’t know if he is religious, but I know that I am not, we all listen with our own ear.

Follow The Sun – Xavier Rudd

30 April 2018

I feel in between.  I try to articulate my in between feeling from heart to pen to paper.  Enough words come, out and in the words I ask for inspiration, a way for me to express all the joy and love I hold in my heart.  I can feel it more and more, looking for a way out.

Sister Sister – Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson

23 April 2018

Sometimes the truth catches you by surprise, thats what happened to me when I heard this song.  

Sisters, grown together, destined for different paths, move away from each other, over distances, over time.

Plutonic Friends – Robert Moses & The Harmony Crusaders

16 April 2018

Sometimes, we stand beside ourselves, our beliefs, and choose to see our world in a different way, expanding more and more, in this state we open ourselves to the unveiling of mysteries.  This energetic expansion can leave the rest of our bodies and minds in between for a while, until we catch up to our new way of seeing our world, and ourselves. We feel different, we see things differently, we do things differently, we are, different, changed…

River – Leon Bridges

9 April 2018

Take heart darlin.

I don’t want to be there anymore, I want to be here.  

I am here.  I am here, feet down, looking straight ahead, with one foot forward…

This Is The Day – The The

2 April 2018

It can happen all of a sudden, that feeling, heavy, dense, overwhelmed.  It is easy to think that, that feeling is you. It’s not you. It is a culmination of things that have happened in your life, locked up emotions, limiting beliefs, memories stuck somewhere, pain.   The more we believe that these things are us, the more we believe we are limited, anchored, the more we feed this feeling.

Angry Anymore – Ani DiFranco

26 March 2018

From the Up Up Up Up Up Up Album released in 1999, Ani DiFranco looks backward, in order to look forward.  I was walking in the vast rainforest / bushland behind my house the other day, and I did that. I came to a crossroad of paths, and I knew, I had to look behind me before I went any further forward.  I wanted to see how it would look, if I decided to travel back that same way.

Three Little Birds – Bob Marley and the Wailers

20 March 2018

Have you ever stopped, and sat, and looked? instead of trying to force action, or plan, or control an outcome?  When we really stop, and see what is in front of us, we give ourselves a chance to witness, sometimes, a gently profound thing.  Maybe that thing reminds us, of who we really are, and what we really want.

Disarm – Smashing Pumpkins

13 March 2018

The unmistakable beginning, and then the words, “Disarm you with a smile”.  Kindness feeds us, when we share it with one another. Sometimes we isolate ourselves, safer in our shell maybe. We can’t share a kindness with one another in this state though, we can’t receive love.

Kick in the Door – Skunkhour

6 March 2018

What would it take? What would it take to live your life, your way? Are you the only thing standing in your way?  

The Bird & The Rifle – Lori McKenna

28 February 2018

So many layers to this song.  I have been the rifle, and I have been the bird.  I know now, that I am both at the same time.  If I choose to be content with, looking at the big wide open sky through a window, and no more, knowing I am not happy, I have chosen to be my own rifle…

What you see is what you get – The Dramatics

20 February 2018

Formed by Ron Banks and Larry Reed in the early 60’s, The Dramatics released almost 20 albums, even collaborating with Snoop Dog, on the Doggy Dog World track.   This track was awarded gold disc status by the Recording Industry Association of America in 1971.  A simple message, more and more I am aware of what I see and now, what I get.

Ai Ga Bani – Ali Farka Toure, Toumani Diabaté

12 February 2018

In the Heart of the Moon, I love this album title, what knowing must lay their?  Ali Farka Toure and Toumani Diabaté fuse their crafted styles, complimenting each other, seemingly so easy, it is as if we are listening to a jam session. The movement of these sounds, the gentle building, the story unknown to me, is enchanting…  

Personal Jesus – Johnny Cash

6 February 2018

I have a long history with Johnny Cash.  My Dad, a huge fan, liked to play his tracks, on repeat, for days at a time.  The Saloon piano in the background, classic acoustic guitar, and that voice.  Johnny Cash performs a cover of the Depeche Mode track, written by Martin Gore.   This version forms part of his American IV: The Man Comes Around Album.

One – U2

29 January 2018

From U2’s Achtung Baby album, this week’s track is, One.  Achtung, translates to Respect in German. So this week we have a theme, how do we show ourselves respect? And how do we show others respect?

To find out I began to observe myself, through observing, I realised where my attention was. What words I used, what I was thinking about.

Murder to the Mind (Instrumental) – Tash Sultana

23 January 2018

No lyrics this week, no words, just music.  There are so many words around us all the time, inside, and out.  Maybe we can just listen for a while…

Last Trip to Tulsa – Neil Young

15 January 2018

I think I could write a thesis on this song, layered with message and metaphor.  It is beautiful, harsh and thought provoking. Each time I listen, I hear something new.

This version is remastered, I remember listening to the original on repeat, from the Sugar Mountain, Live at Canterbury House 1968 album.  Thinking, “Right on Brother”, he knows where it’s at.  The imagery is enough to keep you interested, and then you start to wonder……

Everybody’s Talkin’ – Iggy Pop

9 January 2018

In 2012 Iggy Pop released a covers album, Après, translated to, After in English.  In his own words, Iggy wanted to bring some of the feeling he felt as a listener to us, the listeners.

Feel like screaming just for something different to do? When the voice in your head is louder than the voices around you, it is time for a break. It can feel so constant, the things we tell ourselves we have to do, or even, the things others tell us we should be doing. Do, do, do, do, do….AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!  

Morning Sun – Melody Gardot

1 January 2018

The new year is symbolic of a new start, change, something different.  We can if we want to, imagine that anything can happen, or if that is too much to believe, we can ask ourselves to take one step in a new direction, just one. 

Yes Baby Yes – Mo’ Horizons

18 December 2017

I like this song, it’s simple, easy to listen to, and understand.  That is how yes is, a real yes is simple, and easy to say.  It doesn’t start in your head though, a real yes starts in your body.  It is different for everyone, you can find your yes feeling by saying it, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.  Say it until you can feel it in your body, where is it? What does it feels like?  When you know what a real yes feels like, you will know the real answer to a yes or no question.

Freedom ’90 – George Michael

12 December 2017

From the Listen without Prejudice album, George Michael’s Freedom ’90 tells a story of breaking free from a way of thinking, a way of being. This freedom is true, he must make his own choices and, be his priority.   Beautiful inside and out, we are all better for him being in the world, for he followed his heart.   

Protection – Massive Attack

5 December 2017

The first track from Massive Attack’s Protection Album, is Protection.  Featured in Rolling Stone’s Coolest Albums of all time top ten, it is definitely worth checking out. The trip hop sound created by Robert “3D” Del Naja, Grant “Daddy G” Marshall and at the time of Protection’s release in 1994 Andy “Mushroom” Vowles is Massive Attack. Several Artists perform vocals for Massive on the album, Tracy Thron of Everything but the girl, performing on this weeks track, Protection…

Close To Me – The Cure

28 November 2017

She can hear the tiny voice now, it has always been there talking, telling her.  Stirring until awake, the eyes of the tiny voice are open, she is ready to roar. Her time spent with a candle in the dark to find that voice in the distance has paid off, she can hear her, she is her. I have waited hours for this, I’ve made myself so sick….. It is ironic that we surely know ourselves the most, but when feeling fragmented, I know I don’t always feel….Close to me.

In The Waiting Line – Zero 7

21 November 2017

This song has been popping up now and again for me, I decided to pick In the Waiting line this week as it speaks to my current state the most.

Into My Arms – Nick Cave

13 November 2017

When something is born it has its own pace, rhythm, truth.   Given the time and opportunity to be itself, it will thrive.  When in this space, it speaks to us completely, only giving, sharing without want.  It is intensely beautiful and moving, it is exquisite.  

Perfectly executed, Nick Cave has felt the truth of this exceptional piece, leaving out all the things which oppose its nature.

In Bloom – Sturgill Simpson

7 November 2017

This week’s track is a cover of Nirvana’s In Bloom, which appeared on the Nevermind album.  I really loved Nirvana for years, and am still very fond of their music.  Not unusual, I was an angry, bored and trouble making teenager, looking for an outlet and escape from my reality.  The emotion expressed through the raw sound of Nirvana consistently gave me a way to release some angst without really dealing with it – awesome.  The first album I ever owned was In Utero – awesome. 

Straight Lines – Silverchair

31 October 2017

Silverchair are an Australian band which formed in 1992, when I was 12 years old and so were they, I was wide eyed for sure – Wow! How cool is that! Initially, and briefly calling themselves the Innocent Criminals, the three young men, Daniel Johns guitar and vocals, Ben Gillies on Drums and Chris Joannou on Bass went on to win major awards regularly. Rolling Stone ranked Daniel Johns at number 18 on Rolling Stone’s list of The 25 Most Underrated Guitarists. 

Power – Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson

24 October 2017

Sometimes you forget musicians are real people, I know I do when I hear the clean craft of Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson. Absolutely unique, their sound blends pre war hill country and delta blues with early Australian folk and traditional Celtic styles.  Hat Fitz an Australian bluesman and Cara, born in Ireland, were drawn to music independently developing their own style before meeting and creating a new sound together.  Hat Fitz on guitar, Cara on fife and drums the duo effortlessly create and deliver real emotion and truth.  Power is the first track on the Wiley Ways Album, voted Blues Album of The Year 2012 by the Australian Blues Awards. 

Happy – Pharrell Williams

17 October 2017


It is an accepted practice to talk about bad news, what’s wrong with the world, what we don’t like about it and whose fault it is.   And it is usually expected that we will listen.  I don’t want to listen to blame, I don’t regularly watch the news, I don’t read the paper everyday.  I don’t have to accept that what you are saying is the truth, I don’t have to engage in a conversation about what is wrong in the world and who made it wrong.  I will talk to you about what is real to you, in a real way.   This doesn’t always mean happiness, but it does mean truth.

Runnin’ Down A Dream – Tom Petty

9 October 2017

Even when you don’t know what it is, your path, your purpose, your dream, you can feel it when you are getting close, you feel light, you feel good like anything is possible.  That’s hope, hope for a better day than yesterday and a better day tomorrow, and when it is better you can learn to trust that feeling.  It feels good to feel good. You get faith in that feeling and faith in yourself.  

How Much Light – Ryan Adams

2 October 2017

A good friend of mine suggested this track for the Ocean playlist recently.  No, that’s not right, really he, and his are part of our family, showing up when I was hard to be around and staying, just to be there, not forcing me to be “ok”.  That makes this track even more meaningful to me.  It means that he is in a really good place, he can see what he has in his life and he is grateful.  It also means that others can see that I am happy and I am grateful, and so can I.

Nightswimming – R.E.M

25 September 2017

I remember hearing at the time how this beautiful ballad was created.  The Piano melody written first by Mike Mills, then recorded onto a cassette tape, Stipe playing the circular melody over and over while driving around for about a week bought forth the lyrics and attached them to this beautiful tune, describing a time gone by “These things they go away, replaced by everyday”.

Space Walk – Lemon Jelly

19 September 2017

This week Lemon Jelly bring us Space Walk, featuring Astronaut Ed White describing his experiences during his space walk in 1965.  I love that line “I’m letting go”.  On first hearing it, it struck me how easy he made it sound.  

Dark Days – Fat Freddy’s Drop

12 September 2017

From the Album, Based on a True Story, the Gentlemen at Fat Freddy’s deliver to us a powerful message, without ego straight from the heart, to me this is truth. Can I see myself in that split second before I speak in anger, and decide to speak from the heart without the need to win, can i speak my truth? Maybe….sometimes.

The Great Gig In The Sky – Pink Floyd

4 September 2017

Come one, come all! Performing for one night only! Every night! You are officially invited to the Great Gig In The Sky!

To get there, set your intent to reach the infinite, close your eyes and fly through the sky, through the stars and keep going.  You will know when you have arrived, you will feel your body sing.

Blue Skies – Willie Nelson

28 August 2017

This week Willie Nelson brings us Blue Skies, in his easy way, with an honest guitar, it is true and moving.

What a nice place to be, love changes our world so much, in love and, with the one you love…..its hard to beat. 

Darlin Ukelele – Jolie Holland

21 August 2017

Jolie Holland creates a world of wonder and magic, bringing us scenes of her dreams in this beautiful track – Darlin Ukulele. 

She sees through the things around her, to the things she doesn’t have, focused on this it becomes her world. Down, down, down she goes…

Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix

5 August 2017

He sings of clouds, moonbeams and riding the wind, Jimmy Hendrix, the one and only, not only a master on the guitar also a thought provoking songwriter. So what is he talking about? I think this is about vulnerability, beautiful girls he meets along the way that are willing to be open and vulnerable with him.  Not only physically, but emotionally.  These women stand out from the crowd in a good way, even though he believes they will meet with pain through their openness.

Satellite of Love – Lou Reed

5 August 2017

The gentle delivery of this message makes me think of an easy love coming to us from the sky.  Yeah I know, oversimplified and a bit childish, I would have been a young child when first hearing this song. 

Kelly Watch the Stars – Air

5 August 2017

After my son’s calm birth, things pretty quickly changed – normal right? It felt a bit like I was in another dimension.  How the hell could I be 36 years old and not know anything about babies??? I know! I’ll google it!!

I Awake – Sarah Blasko

5 August 2017

This song talks about change and waking up, how are they linked?  When we sleep our senses are dulled, our eyes shut, we relax and allow for a rest period, sometimes dreaming but not always remembering or understanding them, safe in our chosen shelter.

Bird of Prey – Jim Morrison

5 August 2017

Can you hear the call of the Eagle? It soars through the sky, without thought it deftly moves through the air with only the slightest movements, instinctively carried out to follow the currents of air and be carried up up and away, maybe spot something in the waves to eat, maybe in the low coastal grasses, which are windswept and hearty showcasing the wind as each blade moves in response to its mood. 

Beyond the Sea – Bobby Darin

5 August 2017

I can just see it now, big stage in a 1950’s club, say the Copacabana in Manhattan or The Flamingo in Vegas.  A low ceiling and lighting to match, smoke rising to rest up high from cigarettes sold by beautiful women with full trays, back when smoking didn’t give you cancer, cigarettes were prescribed by doctors along with LSD. 

Breathe – Pink Floyd

4 August 2017

Breathe, breathe in the Air – imagine that. When overwhelmed, this is all I have to do, just this one simple thing, my body knows innately how to do it, I run the tape over and over in my head until I feel more in the middle again, “Take a deep breath in, hold that breath, then breath out slowly”.  Yep, that’s better.  

Deeper Water – Paul Kelly

4 August 2017

A great story teller, Paul Kelly has graciously prepared this song including us in some very poignant and private moments, without over indulging on words, knowing when he had said enough. 

Echo Beach – Martha and the Muffins

4 August 2017

With the ebb and flow of the tide, sand is gently moved around, creating new shapes and shadows in the ancient landscape that is the beach.  Maybe we are taken to another time when our feet touch the sand, or when our mind drifts to sounds of the ocean? Is that why it feels restorative? Allowing ourselves to be far away in time for a little while, the crash of the waves demanding our attention.   Yes Martha and the Muffins, far away in time.

The Sea – Morcheeba

4 August 2017

My boyfriend at the time introduced me to Morcheeba, I hadn’t heard anything quite like it, the simple and clear lyrics describing somebody’s memory of their time at the sea.