Alright, we know - it's summer and you're all out on break earning dough in shitty jobs or heading south to the good weather - (or maybe even running north - it was 108 here in LA today!)

So, in the spirit of doing something different we're dropping a bit of techno into the essay writing playlist - we said we'd be eclectic and we are people of our word.  This is the first track from a California duo Dr. Fuego - not a lot is known about them except for the fact they have the best name!

This is classic old school Trance Techno - coming in just shy of 10 minutes it's the kind of track you can have on repeat and not notice where the day went.  The standout here is the combination of typical pumping bass lines and beat tracks with classic piano blues riffs  and a killer synth track (or two!)

So - if, unfortunately you are in summer school and you've got some "shit" to get done before you can get out and play - check out the good doctor - he's got the keys to your salvation!

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You can learn more about Dr. Fuego here:

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