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Music's really simple - ultimately.  

It hits your ears and makes you feel.

it "adds" something.

You may not like what it does, but it creates a response.

I don't know this band

I don't know their story

I don't know whether they "deserve" to be successful.

I don't know the underlying musicality

are they musicians like the Staves or are they mouthpieces

like NySnC

- and

does it matter?

I'm so fucking conditioned to depend on the story to help me validate the music.

I'd Like That To Change.

I just listened to this song on repeat for the last two hours.  

You can check.  

There's probably some Spotify API that can tell you my listening habits down to the second

- but I did.

What Did I Learn?

It's a perfect pop song with a killer hook:

I'm Stuck, Stuck, With NoWhere To Go?

It's got a shit load of energy - enough to get you u off your ass and start cleaning!

Imagine sweeping to this..

Fuck it - try mopping...

Seriously - I'm totally fucking cleaning my house with this track...

...on repeat,

loud as fuck...


(the editor in me is now "adding" - you can also be really sad, and still clean you house)

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