Jorge Pedbra


Yorgos has been listening to music and discovering different genres/subgenres for over 20 years now, and it all truly began for him with Gorillaz, Daft Punk, and Audioslave.

Those bands marked his music taste for what he is today, it also helped him develop a very strange yet interesting personality (although he's never really been too eager to socialize constantly). He's a pretty laidback guy who's easy to talk to but can sometimes be misinterpreted because of his blunt and accentuated way of speaking and thinking. He's good willed and harmless.

Back in 2006 he was having an overwhelmingly good music boom and not all of the music he wanted to stream was uploaded in Youtube so he made it his duty to upload and share all that missing music through a channel he created called Funkroza, in there people would find all the missing French Touch / Funky House music and later one some more genres. Over time he’s amassed almost 9 million views but his golden days are yet to return.
At some point he felt like trying several music programs to remix his favourite songs but most of them were, in his words, “pretty trashy”. After some years he slowly drifted away and semi-abandoned it but has got fully back to it in 2020.

While he's always had trouble reading because of apprehensive problems he's always had a thing for philosophy, and philosophizing. This is also a very important thing for him when it comes to music. He is a natural overthinker and music is one of the subjects.

Nature is also a very appealing thing to him, it's what drives his feelings into the very best version of themselves.

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Midnight Marker – Shy Layers

19 January 2022

Here’s one for all those who haven’t made the emotional comeback just yet.

Gigi Masin – Fata Morgana

12 January 2022

Talk To The Sea.

Fantastical Movie Scores

11 January 2022

Let this selection of movie scores glide you through the Hero’s Journey – featuring artists like Hans Zimmer • Howard Shore • Alan Silvestri • Thomas Newman • Danny Elfman • Alexandre Desplat • Harry Gregson-Williams,

Root Yourself To Dance

13 December 2021

Shaken (not stirred) dancemoves that’ll get your lyrical game up-front – featuring artists like DUCKWRTH • KAYTRANADA • VIC MENSA • Tkay Maidza • Deekapz • Shay Lia • Azealia Banks

Pop 4 – GAS

8 December 2021

An exercise in sonic texture… pure sonic velvet, the layered drone radiating a palpable warmth.

The 70s World of Jazzy Souls

30 November 2021

For when you feel like watching the clouds morph with sounds from the 70s – featuring artists like Arthur Verocai • Nara Leão • Azymuth • Chico Buarque • João Donato • Airto Moreira • John Cameron

Cubist Camouflage – Huerco S.

18 November 2021

For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have)

Songs for when you need to evacuate the moon due to core malfunction

17 November 2021

Electro for when you’re rushing out of an exploding moon and you’re filled with adrenaline – featuring artists like Bloody Beetroots • SebastiAn • Justice • Gesaffelstein • Siriusmo • Mr. Oizo • Boys Noize • Danger

Before Contact – 2814

22 October 2021

Solutions might not be a matter of intensity, but repetition.

Ruhe – Lemonchill

15 October 2021

One of the first steps to peace of mind is letting go of our unfair judgement.

I Have Been Lost For So Long – Zvuku

6 October 2021

Most of the times the answers lie within our grasp.

Tomo.Me – One of Them

30 September 2021

Take mental notes on what makes you feel bad and how you’re approaching your feelings.

Songs to Address The Madness

30 September 2021

Tracks that touch the darkness so you don’t have to – featuring artists like Slipknot • Eels • Rose Gray • Basement Jaxx • Crystal Castles • Eric Whiteacre • Opeth • Frightened Rabbit • Pearl Jam • Chris Cornell

Song in 60 Seconds

24 September 2021

A MusicTo collaborative playlist of songs in and around one minute – featuring artists like The Clash • Bad Religion • M.I.A • Cru • Opeth • Pratley • BA Johnson • The Linda Lindas • Ramones

Youniverse – Machinedrum

22 September 2021

Timing is key to experiencing the best things, the thing is we can’t control timing so be open and enjoy as long as it lasts.

Dusk Approaches – Locutus Doulus

8 September 2021

Focus on what will be better for you in the long run.

[take1]- Brainwaltzera

2 September 2021

Getting out of the comfort zone is challenging, but you can get used to it.

Chatter – Lusine

26 August 2021

Get out of your mind and determine if you’re having a healthy experience.

End-Curve of Forgetting – CFCF

18 August 2021

Take it easy, don’t be hasty, as good change takes time.

Avalon – Sigur Rós

11 August 2021

Loneliness can be dangerous in the long run.

Send and Receive – Tycho

4 August 2021

The right words will take you to a better state of mind.

Not Yours To Know – Bvdub

30 July 2021

These situations really help me put thing in perspective or simply make me think about even more possibilities for my life to develop differently.

Cumulonimbus Dream – Masayoshi Fujita

20 July 2021

The first step to mental freedom is to recognize the rusty links in our mind chain.


14 July 2021

“To seek the affection of someone, with the intent to begin a romantic relationship” – featuring artists like Alina Baraz • Free Nationals • Amaria • 53 Thieves • Syd • Lava La Rue • Solange • Connan Mockasin

Who’s In Charge – Dmytro Tytarchuk

13 July 2021

It takes a punch to realize something and a lifetime to accept it.

The Cassette – Monodogue & Torstein Nipe

5 July 2021

The tiniest amount of luck can save us from seeing the reality of things by putting us in the midst of our comfort zone.

You (Bug Lover Rework) – Nils Frahm

16 June 2021

Good experiences despite shitty mindsets.

Lazzaro I – Domiziano Maselli

9 June 2021

The reason and the outcome may not have been worth the suffering.

Reverse Culture Music – Steve Hauschildt

31 May 2021

Don’t underestimate the processing power of your brain with “forgotten” memories.

Flows of the Hop

27 May 2021

A good day needs a good flow – featuring artists like People Under The Stairs • Pete Rock • Artifacts • Slum Village • Run-D.M.C. • De La Soul • Mos Def • The Pharcyde


25 May 2021

The Wave Cowboys are calling upon to violently glide through the motions of nature – featuring artists like The Dead Rocks • Lost Acapulco • Laika & The Cosmonauts • Aqualads • The Avalanches • Dick Dale • Messer Chups • Rocky Velvet

Exced – PEEV

24 May 2021

We ought to identify bad thoughts from the outside, try to figure out the origin, and calm the fuck down

Cricketbane Isthmus

20 May 2021

Dancy Soundscapes – featuring artists likeFrancis Inferno Orchestra • HNNY • letherette • Harvey Sutherland • Floating Points • Peggy Gou • Karizma • Mr. Fingers

Silizium – Apparat

17 May 2021

How many times have you had an overwhelming amount of options?

Envelopes (Chapter VI) – Leon Vynehall

10 May 2021

Using your memories the wrong way leads to no good.

Poughtu – Serge Bulat

4 May 2021

Memories take a very expensive toll on our future if not handled appropriately.

Cloudsfall – Ametsub

26 April 2021

Let go of your own negative ideas that “define” you

Argente – Floating Points

19 April 2021

How much deeper will you let yourself fall while looking for the light?

Inner Earth Vibe – Klaus Layer

12 April 2021

For when you’re going down a rabbit hole and can feel the information creeping up your spine

Dakotas – Sofia Kourtesis

5 April 2021

For when you want to get some fresh air

3.2 MIN – Stian Balducci, Kjetil Jerve

29 March 2021

A window, giving view to life’s sentient and evocative themes, without ever infringing on their delicacy.

Sun Harmonics – Jon Hopkins

22 March 2021

Try to endure and make the better of each day.

Pain Tolerance – Heathered Pearls

15 March 2021

Think outside the box and examine the possible reasons of those experiences that were engraved in your mind

7th of May – Gimmik

9 March 2021

Have you ever felt that you’ve lived more than once?

Sunken – Lone

1 March 2021

We need to find the best way to reset our minds for short term benefits.

Oblivious – Midnight Watchman

22 February 2021

It might be interesting to have a log of whatever dreams you can keep a mind on

nimmer – Arovane

15 February 2021

Do dreams have a big impact on you?

Sink – Shlohmo

8 February 2021

High realizations.

Fuori, nella notte – Lillo Morreale

2 February 2021

Take a moment to remember your loved ones.

Ooh Girl – DJ Harrison

26 January 2021

Better late than dead.

She Wakes Up / First Dimension – Salami Rose Joe Louis

19 January 2021

It takes no more than half the blink of an eye for your world to get turned around.

The Beach at Redpoint – Boards of Canada

11 January 2021

Think about your actions towards something “negative” before assuming you’re the victim.

Rust in Your Hair – Obfusc

6 January 2021

Pay attention to your body to avoid zoning out.

Spin Cycles – Flying Lotus

28 December 2020

Be mindful of fighting back the bad dreams for they can ruin several hours of your life.

Tropikaoss – Glue Trip

21 December 2020

Be scared enough to learn from a mistake and not trip over that stone again.

The Ocean – Mindseye

15 December 2020

Be wary and note whatever were the circumstances that made you achieve true piece of mind.

Loop For Today – Eitan Reiter

7 December 2020

Can you remember how certain songs made you feel?, how do those work now?, how many of those songs have really managed to stay with you until now?

People Eating Fruit – Caribou

30 November 2020

Make sure your equilibrium diet involves a lot of good stuff to soothe the darkness, for darkness can also be your friend and help you evolve.

The Floating World – Soft Machine

24 November 2020

Maybe we should all take a step back and remember the things we enjoyed as a child, for they may hold the secret to a forgotten passion.

Take Your Pants Off -Proem

17 November 2020

A lot of people tend to overthink situations, most of the times it’s not worthy to wear yourself out over them.

Bonobo – Don’t Wait

11 November 2020

Remember how the fear you felt as a child shaped your current self, for the better. It’s interesting to think how much of our own child we still are.

Period of Mourning- A Journey of Giraffes

3 November 2020

What can we do about it anyways?
All in all, attitude governs our reality.

Done Everything- John Hughes

27 October 2020

There are people that inevitably trip over the same stone more than twice, and it takes a repeated amount of times for them to finally get the hang of the problem.

Your Twinkling Eyes- Susumu Yokota

20 October 2020

Even if you’re not having the time of your life I’m sure there’s always something worth remembering.

Yonderboi – Fairy of the Lake

14 October 2020

Everybody has their own definition of “better” and not everyone can be “happy” all the time, some people understand happiness as something extremely simple and easy to achieve, while others require a lot of effort on behalf of their environment to achieve said happiness.

Freescha – Phantas Me On The Opera

14 October 2020

What if something or someone is controlling what we do?, is there anything we can do about it?, should we suffer the consequences of what we can’t control?

Yello – Tool in Rose

7 October 2020

How far back can your memory go?


7 October 2020

Feeling bad is not always wrong, there must be balance.

MNDSGN – Homewards

28 September 2020

Time to go back and look for new experiences.

Gold Panda – Lonely Owl

28 September 2020

The mind is rushing through every single experience you’re having and interprets it as whatever stimulus you decided to follow.
At that point everything is an unjudged little thing.

Nosaj Thing – 2222

22 September 2020

Even writing down a dream might not be enough to fully remember and re-live it.

Alexander Aultman – Salad Days

21 September 2020

Time can be on our side, or not. It’s the mindset that matters for you cannot control everything that’s happening around you.

Rafting Starlit Everglades – Baths

11 September 2020

You’re on your way back home and need a quick reset for the commute to go by in a second.

Baja Samba – Monster Rally

11 September 2020

You wake up after a heavy thinking night, unsure if what you did/said was good or taken the wrong way. There is nothing else you can do but think of possible scenarios.

Another Divine Joke – Lo! Peninsula

2 April 2019

With a track title like “Another Divine Joke”, how could it not be right for the playlist. This opening track from the debut album by “Lo! Peninsula will take you on a cosmic cruise past the pineal gland and blast a hole through the back of your cranium….

Move – Saint Motel

23 August 2017

Bu şarkıyla tanışmam radyoda en çok dinlenen 40 şarkı içindeyken
olmuştu. Başka bir şey üzerinde çalışıyordum ama şarkıyı ilk
duyduğumda bununla yaratıcı bir şeyler ortaya çıkarabileceğimi

Stuck – The Aces

10 August 2017

Music’s really simple – ultimately.  

It hits your ears and makes you feel.

it “adds” something.

You may not like what it does, but it creates a response.

The Beat – Andy Vargas

2 August 2017

Sometimes the energy of a track is irresistible and you have to stop what you’re doing and check it out.  I had been chatting with producer Michael Carey about just how much great music was “out there” and yet with the current distribution bottle neck – we get to hear so little of it.

Room for One More – Anthrax

19 March 2017

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Animal Magnetism – Scorpions

19 March 2017

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Still Life – Iron Maiden

19 March 2017

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Got Jealous – Hurt

14 March 2017

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I Don’t Care About You – Fear

14 March 2017

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Dirthouse – Static-X

14 March 2017

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Dishes & Wishes – Roman Flügel

14 March 2017

How perfect that this track is named “Dishes & Wishes”. If I had to rank all my household chores from best to worst, washing dishes would always be at the top of my list. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that my legs are free to dance to whatever Deep House track is currently bumping out of my laptop speakers.  

Domination / Hollow – Live – Pantera

13 March 2017

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Goin’ Out West – Tom Waits

13 March 2017

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Sunshine – Alice in Chains

13 March 2017

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What House Is – Lady Blacktronika

8 March 2017

Since today is International Women’s Day I thought it would be most appropriate to feature one of my favorite DJs, Lady Blacktronika. She was one of the first friends I made when I arrived to Berlin and also the first person to ever tell me not to refer to “Techno” as “Electro.” When I asked her why, she said, “just don’t.” Duly noted Lady Black.

Sleeping Lotus – Joep Beving

31 January 2017

This track could have been written two hundred years ago and yet – it sounds wonderfully modern and unique.

What May Come – Sweet Anomaly & Dugong

31 January 2017

I really love this remix of Dugong’s “What May Come” because Öona Dahl really transformed the original song into something completely different. Bringing it straight to the dance floor she enhances it with dream like soundscapes but still brings enough punch to keep it super friendly for dancing.  She stays true to herself as an artist while still respecting the original version. It’s a truly perfect remix and you can tell a lot of passion and heart went into it.

Go – Chemical Brothers

24 January 2017

Chemical Brothers have come up with an instantly like able, contemporary, poppy anthem with an insanely catchy rolling bass-line and 90s computer game style synths. Add to that the relentless rapping of Q-Tip and you’ve got a song that will have you moving in no time.