Be A Music to Playlist Curator

Who Are You?

Music is probably the biggest thing in your life.  

Oh sure, you have family - parents, siblings, spouses, you might have close friends, a job, studies - all those things that make up a life but deep down you know that ultimately,  all those things could come and go whereas music, well - music's been with you forever, it'll never leave you and will never let you down.

You listen to a lot of music - no, seriously, it's pretty rare that you don't have something playing in the background.  If you're the type that goes to parties you probably prepare a playlist in advance, you know, just in case... 

But here's the cool thing about you - you're not a snob.  You're not one of those people that despises others for not knowing as much about music as you do.  You see sharing music as an opportunity to make other people's lives better, not worse.  If you curate a playlist for Music to it's because you love to make people feel good - not because you like to feel superior.

Who Are We?

Pretty much the people we described above.  

We're musicians, moviemakers, barristers and baristas, DJs, digital marketers and yet to be labeled.

We're introverts and extroverts, party people and bedsit loners.

We have little in common except our desire to share great music with the world.

Who Are We Looking For?

There are three things that we look for in new Music to Curators:

  • 15 minutes a day

  • Sanity

  • Ability to Write

15 minutes a day is what is required to do this effectively.  The thing about you is, you're already spending that much time on music - listening, reading about, compiling your own lists and talking about music to others.  Some days it's only 5 minutes, but other days - when you're writing your track submission or sharing your track with the audience, it could be as much as half an hour.  We know - this is a lot of time - most people don't have this time - but you're not most people.  

When we talk about you being sane what we mean is that on the whole you've got your shit worked out, you do what you say you're going to do and you're comfortable communicating what you want and how you feel.

Ability to Write is how you will persuade people to listen to your playlist.  You don't have to be a J.K. Rowling or Kurt Vonnegut, you don't even have to write perfect prose, but you will need to be able to put in words why that track is worthy of someone's time.

What Do We Have?

  • A strong and thriving global community of music curators

  • High visibility resulting in thousands of track submissions a month

  • A professional brand

  • A web presence for your playlist

  • Branded Twitter, Facebook & Instagram accounts

  • Sponsorship revenues

  • Access to streaming revenue

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