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This weeks track is from hip-hop/trap artist SilentHeart. The title of the song summarizes the idea of track pretty well. The song deals with heartbreak and the consequences of falling for someone that doesn't love you back. The person he is rapping about seems to be mentally abusive and is not on the same wavelength as him. SilentHeart questions the love and emotions he feels towards this person and raps over an aggressive trap beat.  Lyrics such as "You don't wanna hug, don't wanna love, just wanna dance in the club"  encompass the tone of the song, and the heartbreak SilentHeart is dealing with. SilentHeart is obviously dealing with a lot of personal issues with whoever it is he raps about in the track. He made his point very clear that he is over the lies, the drama, and dealing with things that degrade him as a human being. 

Lyrically, the song is generic in the sense that it bears similarities to many songs popular in the genre. Certain tracks have that "it" factor though, and this track has it. SilentHearts flow and voice are addicting and will make you restart the track before finishing it. My roommates hate it when I shower and play my music at excessive noise levels, but this track is only going to make it worse for them. I Hate Love shows that the sometimes the simple beats and lyrics are what a make a song so catchy and likable. 

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About The Curator - Nikola Batinic

Nikola Batinic - Music to Curator

Nikola Batinic is from San Jose, California and is currently pursuing a degree in economics at Sonoma State University. 

His music taste is centered around hip-hop, R&B, trap, house, chill, alternative rap, and punk rock. He was influenced by the radio and what others would play around him growing up. Nikola is addicted to Soundcloud and has attended over 50 events ranging from hip-hop concerts, reggae festivals, and raves. A few of his favorite artists are The Weeknd, Rebelution, XXYYXX, Hucci, Trippie Redd, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Misogi, SiR, and Future.

Nikola's goal in life is to spread positivity and enjoy music. Eventually, he wants to work for the music industry, travel the world, and get a post-graduate degree. For the time being, he plans to live life day by day, surround himself with amazing people, and listen to amazing music.