Nikola Batinic

Nikola’s music taste is expansive and inclusive of all genres, primarily focused around underground rap, glitchcore, and alternative hip-hop. A few of his favorite artists are Summrs Bladee, Capoxxo, Misogi, and Rondodasosa. Nikola is currently traveling around California and writing a graduate thesis for his MBA. He plans to blend his passion of business with music and keep himself grounded within music news, analytics and marketing, and creative management.

Revenge! – Teddy

20 October 2020

REVENGE! is the latest release from Teddy. Often referred to as Lil Peeps’ prodigy, Teddy does not fail to bring us dark and reminiscent themes of love and drugs…

Hanging Chandeliers w/ Messy Tesla (prod. Gerreaux) – Jawndarko

17 June 2020

Jawndarko always hits us with the fire vibes. Skilled and detailed sound engineering and a slick laid back beat mesh together to create a unique track. If you are into ICRYDIAMONDS, Deko, or david shawty this sound will be right up your alley.

000000 – A.CHAL

13 February 2020

000000 by A.CHAL is one of the freshest tracks I have heard so far in 2020…

Reckless – Arin Ray

22 January 2020

Arin Ray makes it onto the playlist with his addictive and well-formulated track Reckless. The song gives off some Brent Faiyaz and Trey Songz vibes – as well as cultivating some of the classic 90’s and 00’s R&B that will have you feeling confident and ready to dance…

Futsal Shuffle 2020 – Lil Uzi Vert

17 December 2019

Lil Uzi Vert returns with the lead single (potentially) from his long-awaited project Eternal Atake. The track has a futuristic beat with an electronic synth that repeats throughout, leaving listeners fiending for the closest dance floor to bust out some moves…

Funeral – Miguel

13 November 2019

The song begins with a smooth and brassy verse from Miguel that is somewhat reminiscent of his previous work. But behold – the bass drop…


30 October 2019

Style and melody switch-ups, vocal effects, and grimy bass make BLADEE the underground legend that he is today and the reason why he is featured on the playlist this week…

Rehab (Winter In Paris) – Brent Faiyaz

24 October 2019

Rehab (Winter in Paris) discusses Faiyaz’s relationship with a girl who is addicted to drugs. Although she is demonizing herself and creating obstacles for her own personal growth, Faiyaz still shows her love as he is undeniably caught in her lust…

Crew Love (feat. The Weeknd) – Drake

1 October 2019

Crew Love is an extremely powerful track. The track has so many different elements and components, ranging from the futuristic and mind-tingling intro to the immediate and sudden switch to a melodic piano…

Sextasy – Swae Lee

18 September 2019

This week the playlist is transported into a trance of modern r&b from the melody king Swae Lee. Sextasy is the latest release from the popular artist and he does an amazing job of using his vocals to bring the track to life, as well as give it a modern r&b feel…

Messages – TheHxliday

11 September 2019

If you are looking to get addicted you are in the right place. This track has been on replay all day. I know that I should preserve its freshness but it’s one of those tracks that will stand the test of time…

heart stops – omg karma

4 September 2019

heart stops is an addictive and unique track by up and coming artist omg karma that has a smooth beat and vocals. omg karma uses autotune to his advantage, creating an alternate instrument with his voice…

Without U (Prod. Greaf) – Spooky Black

28 August 2019

Spooky Black made a huge impact on my life and taste in music. His soulful and melodic voice coincides with musty trap beats that leave you in a raw state of emotion. Spooky Black was the underground r&b vocalist that everyone knew in the music streaming communities circa 2015 and his presence is something that can still be felt today…

18 – Landon Cube

20 August 2019

18 by Landon Cube is an amazing feel-good alternative vibe that was released before his music reached massive popularity. It’s a personal track that Cube wrote when he was, as you may have guessed, eighteen years old…

gone girl (feat. Trippie Redd) – iann dior

14 August 2019

This weeks track is an uplifting Summer anthem from iann dior featuring Trippie Redd. gone girl highlights both artists eccentric styles, with their similar voices and melodies creating a catchy and addictive track. gone girl is the perfect song to wrap up the Summer, providing sweet vibes and a catchy chorus that will leave you fiending for replays…

Prada Zombie – Yung Bans

24 July 2019

Prada Zombie is one of the strongest tracks off of Yung Bans new album “Misunderstood”. The track is a classic trap banger with catchy lyrics and an addictive flow. Yung Bans shows his variety of vocal styles and focuses on his melodies on the chorus of the track…

Lost – poorstacy

17 July 2019

“Days keep passing by / I feel like I’m losing time / I can’t get you off my mind”.

Lost by poorstacy is an extremely hot track at the moment. While the lyrics tell a story of disparity and darkness, poorstacy uses his voice and a melodic trap-infused beat to create an addictive tune that will be on repeat for weeks to come…

Do You Love Me? – 1990BISHOP

10 July 2019

Do You Love Me? is a positive sounding trap vibe from artist 1990BISHOP. The initial piano sounds balanced by trap drums and 1990BISHOP’s addictive vocals make for a song that will get you bobbing your head back and forth…

Good Friends Club (feat. 916frosty) – Angst

3 July 2019

Angst comes through with an amazing song that has personally set the entire vibe of the Summer for me. Good Friends Club is passionate, unforgiving, and an incredible mood booster. The background vocals take advantage of the audio enhancement autotune is able to provide, and make the song feel as if you are on a jet ski, smoothly shredding through the waves…


19 June 2019

“First off let me just explain where I’m coming from / Had some drinks and now I’m dumb / Baby let’s just get it on”

JONNY LONDON shows his impressive vocals, production, and songwriting skills on his trap infused R&B track drunk. A complete vibe for the Summer, the songs rhythm and electronic samples will have you hooked…

Home Body (feat. Gunna & TK Kravitz) – Lil Durk

12 June 2019

Sometimes there are tracks that you are ashamed you love, while at the same time complete your soul. Personally, this is one of them…

Personal – KREW$

28 May 2019

This weeks track is a smooth R&B joint from KREW$. The track gives off a PARTYNEXTDOOR vibe, with beautiful vocals and a simple yet powerful beat. The autotune gives his voice a rough sound and adds depth to the track – something that caught my attention immediately after the initial listen…

Wake Up – JayDaYoungan

17 April 2019

This week we have a wavy hip-hop track from JayDaYoungan. After stumbling upon the Wake Up on SoundCloud, my roommates immediately asked me what song I was listening to. The track has been playing in the house ever since. What initially sparked my interest in the track was a sample of The Weeknd’s track “Wasted Times”:…

Taking Chances – NAV

3 April 2019

This song took me to another dimension. This is the track I have been waiting for. The beat, the melodies, the adlibs, the rhythm… My soul has been revived…

Hunna – Nebu Kiniza

12 March 2019

The sun is finally coming out after what seems like a lifetime of rain and clouds and the birds of spring have finally started to chirp. This calls for some feel-good music, and with daylight savings giving us an extra hour of light to vibe to, there is no better time to share this tune…

Highs and Lows – Lil Skies

5 March 2019

Highs And Lows is an amazing track off of Lil Skies new album Shelby. The track incorporates Skies’s trademark style and flow that got him popular while incorporating deeper lyrical content. The track discusses the highs and lows that Lil Skies has faced during his life and the impact it has had on becoming who he is today…

SHIFT – Swaine

13 February 2019

SHIFT by Swaine is a Hip-Hop / R&B track that will leave you in the zone. The track opens up with melodic piano keys as well as amazing vocals from Swaine, leaving you instantly addicted.  The lyrics are also worth paying attention to…

Murder On My Mind – YNW Melly

6 February 2019

Murder On My Mind by YNW Melly is a wavy and emotional track. The song deals with Melly’s thoughts during his imprisonment after shooting and killing his friend…

Love You – Roy Woods

29 January 2019

Love You by Roy Woods, explores love and personal connection, tied together by a smooth R&B beat and one of a kind vocals. Roy Woods has a voice that is both captivating and unheard of. He combines his Canadian flow with alternative R&B beats and melodies, making beautiful tracks that always seem to grab peoples attention…

Krazy but True – Future

23 January 2019

This week we have a fresh hip hop track from Future. The release of his new album Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD comes with a handful of certified bangers and this is one of them! He provides his usual flow and raps about women, fame, and money…

Lost in the Fire (feat. The Weeknd) – Gesaffelstein

16 January 2019

Back at it and starting 2019 with some fresh R&B vibes from Gesaffelstein and The Weeknd. Having previously produced “Hurt You” and “I Was Never There” off of The Weeknd’s 2018 EP My Dear Melancholy, Gesaffelstein continues to impress listeners with his dark and complex beats…

Die For You – The Weeknd

11 December 2018

The holiday season is taking place right now, making it the perfect time to lounge around the Christmas tree and listen to some R&B vibes. The Weeknd’s track “Die For You” is a release from his 2016 album “Starboy”…

Section 8 (feat. Young Thug) – Lil Baby

5 December 2018

Last week Lil Baby dropped his latest album Street Gossip. An artist that I had initially overlooked, I was surprised by the attention to detail and production value on the track…

Damage (Freestyle) – Che

28 November 2018

Damage is one of the latest releases from R&B singer Che. He boasts his vocal abilities and his skills as a producer on the track, singing about being damaged from a loved one. With lyrics like “thinking about you seems to sometimes haunt me”, and “she pushing me away and I don’t know what to say”, Che shows his emotional connection to this woman, and the unexplainable emotions he feels towards her…

No More (feat. Travis Scott, Kodack Black & 21 Savage) – Metro Boomin

6 November 2018

Metro Boomin returns with a legendary album. Features from the hottest artists in the game make appearances on Not All Heroes Wear Capes, with his production carrying the feel and tone of the album.

I Hate Love – SilentHeart

23 October 2018

This weeks track is from hip-hop/trap artist SilentHeart. The title of the song summarizes the idea of track pretty well. The song deals with heartbreak and the consequences of falling for someone that doesn’t love you back…

Who Hurt You – Belly

16 October 2018

Belly just dropped his new album “Immigrant”. His progression as an artist and the amazing production value of the album makes for a dope listen.  The track Who Hurt You is my personal favorite off the album, with dark lyrics that tell a story of anger and suppressed emotions…


2 October 2018

Rsvp is the latest release from R&B singer and songwriter LOVEONFRIDAY. The track features a smooth beat and wavy vocals from the Texas native. His lyrics are not exactly clear at times, as he uses the beat and a sort of “mumble rap” to carry his flow…

No Names (feat. Yung Bans) – KILLY

17 September 2018

This weeks track is from KILLY and Yung Bans. The track is heavily trap influenced, both rappers singing with autotune. Both artists have been gaining popularity recently and are making themselves household names in the rap community…

Ne è Valsa la Pena (feat. Ghali) – Capo Plaza

12 September 2018

This track is by Italian hip-hop artist Capo Plaza. The song has a beat similar to one that Drake would use when channeling a reggaeton style. The artist uses this combined with trap beats to create an addictive track…

BANG! – Trippie Redd

27 August 2018

This track is from Trippie Redd’s new album “Life’s a Trip”. With amazing vocals reminiscent of 2000’s punk and “screamo”, if you can call it that, the track has made it onto the list as the track of the week. 

Tired – NO1 | NOAH

17 July 2018

This weeks track is Tired from SoundCloud singer/rapper NO1. 

The song features vocals from NO1 over a moody guitar beat. He sings about women and his feelings towards love and life. Similar to artists as NAV and Travis Scott, he uses vocal effects to enhance his voice and bring a certain vibe to his music…

Legends – Juice WRLD

11 July 2018

This track was released in honor of XXXTentacion’s recent death. The song is about the passing of Lil Peep and XXXTentacion as they were gaining massive audiences and popularity. XXX was shot in his car in June 2018, and Peep overdosed on Fentanyl in November 2017…