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Music to Float Through Space
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This song is more of an oldie compared to the bulk of the tracks in this playlist. The closing track off of Mazzy Star’s 1996 release, Among My Swan.

The lyrics of this song describe someone standing on a bridge while looking down at whatever is below, contemplating whether to jump off and end their life. She compares where she is now as sadness and isolation but down below the bridge is death and what she believes is the answer to all of her problems. The first verse explains this well with:

Look on down from the bridge

There's still fountains down there

Look on down from the bridge

It's still raining, up here

Being more of a person who listens to the overall sound and instrumental of a song before actually putting together what the lyrics mean, I had no idea how dark and depressing this song was until I looked at the lyrics. Even without understanding the meaning of the song, I still felt this overwhelming melancholy upon my first few listens.

The lead singer, Hope Sandoval, encapsulates the emotion of the song through her voice so well that you don’t even have to know what she’s saying in order for you feel something.

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