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Rex Orange County is quickly becoming one of my favourite artists. With this recent single, Rex proves that he’s on course to be a big name in alternative music in the near future.

Edition, is named after a hotel in London of the same name. Running just under 2 minutes, this minimalistic song describes Rex going through a failing relationship and trying to decide whether it’s worth trying to salvage or if it’s better to leave before things get worse.

The distorted piano of this short but sweet track sounds very pretty and makes me picture the artist, sitting in his hotel room at a piano, singing to himself about his issues in an attempt to make sense of everything. The whole song sounds like something that was recorded all alone in in a bedroom.

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Hayden Schutz - Music to Curator

Hayden Schutz is student from Saskatchewan, Canada. Currently studying at the University of Regina. When he’s not browsing reddit for new music, he’s usually attempting to study, training for track & field or indulging in whatever tv show he’s into that week. As of lately he’s been experimenting with video and photography but nothing that he would consider “professional quality”. Hayden’s been playing guitar since the beginning of high school and singing since he was old enough to understand the words on the radio in mom’s car.