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Music to Dance Barefoot In The Grass
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Singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins can't be pigeonholed. His sound ranges from folk to soul to pop, each tune lyrically and melodically crafted to perfection. Before he was a solo sensation, he and Jim Messina were Loggins and Messina, a folk duo that was on fire during the early to mid-70s. The hitmakers had several hits, with one of their best known being the tender "Danny's Song."

It's hard to believe this song didn't crack the Top 40 on the charts. It had such heavy rotation on the radio and is one of their most memorable songs. Loggins wrote it as a teen, dedicating it to his brother, who'd had his first child. Gator Creek originally recorded a faster version, then Loggins released a ballad version on Loggins and Messina's debut album Sittin' In. The instrumentals are clean and simple and the lyrics a heartfelt tribute. Folk rock was very popular in the early 70s and Loggins and Messina put their stamp on it with their butter-soft vocals and Heartland sentiments.

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