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This is not just a song about falling in love. It's as delicious as one, but better.

Born Luis Roberto Julião, Sorry Drummer is a Brazilian drummer and producer who brings a soulful approach to hip hop. His music is awesome, but I believe he also deserves credit for being able to reunite amazing artists and make it even better, like he does in this song.

“Perto de mim” (“Close to me”) is a jazzy R&B ballad featuring rappers Stefanie and Rashid, singer Tatiana Bispo and DJ Negrito.

Stefanie begins rapping about a “rapaz educado” (gentle boy) who “trata todo mundo de igual pra igual” (treats everyone with the same kindness), a boy with enough personality to deal both with his friends from the hood and with rich people from outside. This boy is also a nice lover to her,  “faz esquecer tudo que é ruim”, “faz virar criança” (makes her forget about all the bad things, makes her feel like a child again).

Rashid comes in the second verse rapping about a girl who arouses his most poetic feelings, which they describe with mentions of Brazilian popular music geniuses such as Cartola, Dorival Caymmi, Pixinguinha, Marisa (Monte), Jorge Ben and Tim Maia – by the way, if you’d like to take it as an invitation to get to know all those artists, you won’t regret.

The raps are interposed by the soft and beautiful voice of Tatiana Bispo in the chorus, singing that “você é o presente que eu sempre quis” (“you are the gift I’ve always wanted”).

It’s a love song indeed, but it’s not heart-racing, impulsive, rapturous love. It’s more like a chill love that makes your heart actually beats softer, something that allows you to relax, because it makes you feel that you’ve finally found that one person who makes everything else make sense.

The whole song has a delicious vibe, but Stefanie’s rap deserves a special shout out. She speaks both about how good the guy makes her feel, and how nice he is to others. The guy she describes is polite, respectful, wise, loving and nurturing. She feels at ease when she’s with him because, from what I get, he is also at ease with himself and with everything else in life.

This is exactly the vibe of when you fall in love with a person for who they are, not only for what they do to you. It makes you feel like the world is a better place, because it’s so delightful to know there are people like this living in it.   

This is not just a song about falling in love. This is a song about finding someone who makes you feel glad to be alive. This statement might seem too much, because yeah, I’m not as good with words as Stefanie and Rashid; they same the same thing, but in a lighter and cooler way, just like the song requires it to be. 

Sorry Drummer, Tatiana Bispo and DJ Negrito also do a great job by translating those feelings into music. A jazzy hip hop ballad is just the perfect sonic vehicle for a love so smooth yet so full of swag.

Listen to the song and feel for yourself. Even if you don’t understand Portuguese, I’m sure you’ll get the vibe. It’ll make you want to find a love like this – and if you found it already, you lucky one, it’ll make you want to hold them even closer to you.

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About the curator: Ana Clara Ribeiro 

Ana Clara Ribeiro - Musicto Curator

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