Ana Clara Ribeiro

Gemini – Princess Nokia

15 April 2020

For centuries, people have been using Astrology to understand more about themselves and the people around them…

Sleep Deprived – Dreamville, Lute, Omen, Mez & DaVionne

24 February 2020

Dreamville’s “Revenge of the Dreamers III” was one of the most interesting projects of 2019, and “Sleep Deprived” is one of its best tracks — one that surely will please Dali and Jay Z Lovers…

Last Forever – Russ (feat. Rick Ross & Snoop Dogg)

4 September 2019

Snoop Dogg’s voice and relaxed flow fits the beat extremely well, and the opening line of his verse might explain how he manages to still be on top of his game even after almost 30 years active: “Nothing last forever unless you talking ’bout my rap game“… Quoting a famous Brazilian song, “nice and slow is how we get there” – this seems to be his philosophy…

Nas ruas de SP – DJ Nyack

31 July 2019

From Brazil, with love! “Nas ruas de Sp” (“In the streets of Sp”) by DJ Nyack is a part of Jazzy Beats, a super cool project by DJ Hum with by Brazilian hip hop DJs….

Jazz Thing – Gang Starr

15 July 2019

Guru has already made an apparition in our playlist with his amazing track Loungin’. It was long overdue for me to bring up Gang Starr too, the legendary duo he was a part of along with DJ Premier; and of course I chose a track that’s super representative of the sound of Music to Dali & Jay Z Lovers (check our manifesto here if you haven’t)…

The World Is Yours – Nas

29 June 2019

From one of the most acclaimed hip hop albums of all times, (“Illmatic” by Nas), “The world is yours” is a strong statement about owning your place in the world, with a huge dose of bravery from Nas as he openly addresses his feelings of hopelessness…

50-50 (feat. Instupendo) – Toro y Moi

2 April 2019

When you check the music video of “50-50”  by Toro y Moi (stage name of the creative Chaz Bear) on Youtube, one of the first things you’ll see in the comments section is someone saying: “for a second I forgot who I was” (honestly, same)…

FOMO – April + VISTA

19 March 2019

The fear of missing out (“FOMO”), ah, a modern classic. The symptom of the modern times. The strange feeling of being aware of the multiple possibilities of life (shouldn’t that be a blessing?), and afraid to be choosing the wrong ones (ah, yeah, this one is a curse)…

Why iii Love The Moon – Phony Ppl

30 January 2019

Art itself is a message; and when a purposeful sound meets an honest message in lyrics as well, that’s even better. That statement pretty much defines “Why iii love the moon”, by the innovative New York group Phony Ppl.

Thug life – Brockhampton

19 December 2018

Brockhampton is a great definition of what we stand for when it comes to art and labels. They are an alternative collective of rappers, singers and producers, yet they define themselves as a “boyband” – a title that is often given to mainstream pop acts…

forever rain – RM

4 December 2018

The solitude of a superstar might have become a cliché theme, but in “Forever rain” (as well as in all tracks of his playlist, “mono), RM, the leader of Korean group BTS, addresses it with such sensibility and poetic mastery, that it’s impossible not to feel invited to dwell into his inner world…

Ratchet Saturn Girl – Aminé

27 November 2018

I am so weak for mystic/astronomy/astrology mentions, so, a song that seems to be about a girl from “Saturn” would catch my attention anyway. But, when I heard Aminé’s “Ratchet Saturn Girl”, what really drove me crazy is how it kinda is two songs in one…

Minha Bossa É Treta – Yzalú

23 October 2018

When your whole existence is a fight for survival, it’s only natural that the fierceness shows even in the most delicate frames. 

As a black woman, with physical disabilities, singer and songwriter Yzalú, from São Paulo, Brazil, surely has a lot of strength to add to her art,…

Third Eye – Big K.R.I.T

9 October 2018

Spirituality might be a very subjective thing; this song is a beautiful testimony of one’s experience with it through a romantic relationship…

Maybe One Day (feat. Black Spade) – Blu & Exile

29 August 2018

It’s so interesting getting to know the thoughts of the artists who “make it”. Some brag about it, some stress about it. As a listener, I feel like it’s all valid and I like to know and hear different point of views. Of course, when it is done along with great music, it’s way more fun; like in this track of Blu & Exile, “Maybe one day”…

Miragem (Sem razão) – Xênia França

22 August 2018

A lucid, confident woman with a powerful voice singing over soft jazzy instrumentals, about distinguishing blind infatuation from true, peaceful love… It can’t get any classier than this!!…

Reborn – Kids See Ghosts

14 August 2018

It’s funny that I have scheduled this song to be the track of this week; it is called “Reborn”, and “coincidentally” (I don’t believe in coincidences, hahahaha), we’ve just been through a solar eclipse (August 11th), and I also have a lot of  personal & astrology stuff going on that means rebirth, new cycles etc etc etc…

Logos – King Krule

31 July 2018

I have no idea of how to describe the genre of this specific song neither the type of music King Krule makes; and apparently I’m not the only one. Seriously, I googled “King Krule genre” and I got: indie rock; jazz fusion; dark wave; punk jazz; post-punk; trip hop; and hip hop… That’s crazy and that’s awesome…

That’s What I am Talking About (feat. Rell) – Pete Rock

24 July 2018

It is possible that Music to Dali & Jay Z Lovers wouldn’t even exist without Pete Rock. He is one of the main guys who merged hip hop and jazz, so yeah, “that’s what I am talking about”. 

Both solo or along with C L Smooth, Pete Rock is the mind, the voice & the beats behind dope tracks such as “They reminisce over you”, a must-listen for jazz rap fans and a true hip hop classic…

Julia – SZA

17 July 2018

This is easily one of the top songs I run to in order to escape the world and just close my eyes and breathe and let myself go with the flow. I still remember what I felt the first time I heard it. 

LOVEHAPPY – The Carters

9 July 2018

There’s this slang/meme in Brazil in which we say: “Se juntos já causam, imagina juntos”, hahahahaha Brazilian humor is very particular, so it would be hard to translate; but let me try it: “if together they gather all the attention, just imagine how much attention they wouldn’t gather together”…

Hip 2 Da Game – Lord Finesse feat. Kid Capri

2 July 2018

Ahhh that delicious 90’s feeling! Listening to “Hip 2 da game” by Lord Finesse brings back such vibes. 

The combination of R&B beats and jazzy horns is awesome already, and so chillin’, but don’t you think this track is all softness: Lord Finesse ain’t afraid to come as hard as possible with his lyrics, talking about his realness and how neither having fame or being broke would change who he is…

Roommates Only – Simon Dominic

27 June 2018

This is the type of track that I wish I could print or synthesize in an image and add it to a PowerPoint presentation about “Who said hip hop is just a bunch of mess and screams with no  ability to be deep and elegant??”..

Wanderlust – Crush (크러쉬)

19 June 2018

One of the most interesting names in Korean R&B, Crush (in hangul:  크러쉬 )’s speciality is soft and groovy jams made even more irresistible by his silky voice. In “Wanderlust”, though, the vocals are minimalist and the real star of the song is the dreamy vibe of the instrumentals.

If You Only Knew – Jurassic 5

12 June 2018

Confidence is a trait; staying true to yourself while staying confident is a challenge. Hip hop is all made of confidence and having the boldness to stand up for what you believe, but remaining genuine might be hard sometimes. Yet it is so important.

Qweloquiallisms – Typical Cats

30 May 2018

You know those paintings people look at and just think: “This guy was just playing with colors and threw some random ones and called it art”? Well, only the painters themselves can say if that’s true or if they really had a purpose by putting those colors togethers. In most cases, the latter is true.

134340 – BTS

23 May 2018

Do we have space in our playlist for the biggest boy band in the world at the moment? We sure do. The work of BTS itself is proof of how powerful art and entertainment can be; but also, how can we resist such a delicious track as “134340”?

A Noite É Nossa – Rincon Sapiência

15 May 2018

“Swag” is a thing we lack words to define, but it’s definitely something the artists & songs featured here have in common – after all, we wouldn’t mention the guy who invented swag in the name of the playlist for no reason, right?

Loungin’ – Guru

8 May 2018

Straight from the same source that gave birth to one of the most iconic hip hop groups ever, “Loungin'” is a gem of the beautiful world of projects that fuse hip hop and jazz. 

The track was released in “Guru’s Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1”, an album released by the founder of Gangstarr, legendary rapper and producer Guru…

Damselfly – Loyle Carner feat. Tom Misch

2 May 2018

Nothing better than a jazzy jam to get you in your feelings…

And that’s what British rapper Loyle Carner does in “Damselfly”, a slow, groovy tune produced by his long-time buddy Tom Misch, who also sings the chorus.

Paradoxo – Rimas e Melodias

23 April 2018

Tássia Reis, Stefanie and Tatiana Bispo are already a part of the Music to Dali & Jay-Z Lovers playlist, with three awesome tracks: “Meu rap jazz“, “Eu preciso ir” and Sorry Drummer’s “Perto de mim“.

There’s no doubt left that these three ladies make amazing music, right? It can get even better when they collab with more bad ass women!…

What They Do – The Roots

17 April 2018

The Roots were one of the first groups to celebrate the intersection of hip hop and jazz, back in the late 1980’s. 

You got musicality (they’re a band!), you got Black Thought, you got lyricism, what else can you ask for?

These guys know what they do…

Runnin’ – The Pharcyde

10 April 2018

After some weeks playing a bit of modern trends of hip hop and R&B, old school jazz rap is back to Music to Dali & Jay-Z Lovers!

Old and new are always welcome as long as it’s good music, and that’s definitely the case here! “Runnin'” by The Pharcyde is groovy hip hop with elements of jazz and samba (including a Stan Getz sample), produced by the awesome J. Dilla (check our review of “Thought u wuz nice“, also produced by him). 

Only Girl – Kali Uchis feat. Steve Lacy and Vince Staples

2 April 2018

It is hard to state boundaries or even define what is R&B today, but this song is definitely one of my favourite types. Three promising names of the new generation, Kali Uchis, Steve Lacy (of trip hop band The Internet) and Vince Staples are a powerful trio in “Only Girl”, a loungy love song that represents the best of what rhythm and blues can be when it adds modern elements to its soulful essence…

Are We Here? – Kzmiblzf

27 March 2018

What I love the most about experimental music is how it sounds to me like an abstract experience from which anything can bloom, really like a surrealist painting. “Are we here?” is the type of track to evoke such feelings. Everything works perfectly in this conceptualistic song in which modern beats convey a timeless feeling.

Comes around – Nori

21 March 2018

Listening to voices other than ours is awesome, but sometimes we gotta give ourselves a break and listen to our own minds. Meditation and silent thinking are powerful tools, but if you wanna do it with a soundtrack, then instrumental music is a must.

Figure Numatic – Nubiyan Twist

13 March 2018

I swear this track entered my personal list before I knew Nubiyan Twist is a woman-fronted project with a Brazilian member in it!

I am a Brazilian woman and I never get enough of explaining how much I love supporting female artists and Brazilian artists in Music to Dali & Jay-Z Lovers, especially now, in March, when we are celebrating Women’s History Month…

Rock the House – Gorillaz

6 March 2018

So, how many people are ready to rock the house?

Trip hop band Gorillaz Gorillaz caused a commotion in the music business for their unique concept of a fictional universe with cartoon personas instead of “real members”, and although that alone is pretty cool, their music was just as cool…

Vacation (feat. J Live) – Jazz Liberatorz

27 February 2018

What’s not to love about a track in which both instrumental and lyrics can take you to a trip around the world? And by “world” I don’t mean only Earth, but also your mind, your own world. 

Well, allow yourself to take a “Vacation” by listening to this awesome track, which, itself, is an intercontinental trip, being produced by jazzy hop French kings, Jazz Liberatorz, featuring the vocals of American multi talented artist J. Live…

Weekend – Perc%nt

20 February 2018

Do you ever have those weeks when all days look the same? You wander through the whole week just to get to the weekend, and when it finally comes, it’s not even as fun as you expected… Your whole week is just… Bleh.

Eu Preciso Ir – Tatiana Bispo

13 February 2018

I’m always happier when the artist of the track of the week is from Brazil, or when it’s a woman. When it’s both, I’m twice happier!

And that’s the case here: Tatiana Bispo is a rapper, singer and songwriter from São Paulo whose work, either solo or when collaborating with other artists, is definitely worth a listen.

Sanctuary ship – Nujabes

7 February 2018

The music you hear in Music to Dali & Jay-Z Lovers might be one of a kind in the artist’s career, or might as well be made by an artist whose entire concept revolves around this same style that inspired our playlist. From this last team, we bring you Nujabes, one of the most important names in the Japanese and worldwide hip hop scene.

Love and peace (feat. Jeon Inkwon) – MFBTY

30 January 2018

Make room for a beautiful blend of reggae, hip hop and jazz in our playlist! It’s truly an honor to have MFBTY in Music to Dali & Jay-Z Lovers.

Words cannot describe the amount of respect and admiration I have for these people. 

Formed by three legends of Korean hip hop – rapper Bizzy along with the dopest couple ever, Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae, – MFBTY’s music is all about breaking barriers, embracing who you are and using music as both an escape from the world and a tool to make it better. 

Butterfly With Wet Wings – Bry’nt feat. Leikeli47

23 January 2018

“Someone’s life is another one’s lesson”, Bry’nt says in the beginning of this song.

In “Butterfly with wet wings”, rapper Bry’nt addresses real life hardships and conflicts, with the help of Leikeli47’s beautiful vocals, and smooth, mind-expanding instrumentals…

Somewhere Shining – GOOD WTHR feat. Jay Be

16 January 2018

Some say nothing cures the pain of losing a loved one; some say that it, just like everything, shall eventually pass. But, either if it’s to take the pain away or to just distract you from it, channelling feelings into something else that you love just as much is always a great thing to do.

Ela Disse – Marcelo D2 feat. Thalma de Freitas

9 January 2018

Samba and hip hop are an awesome combination and Marcelo D2 always knew it. But in “Ela disse”, this fabulous Brazilian rapper made it even better by adding a few jazzy horns and a brief but oh so sweet collaboration with actress & singer Thalma de Freitas.

Picasso – The 49ers

18 December 2017

Art metaphors and comparisons with great painters are not rare in hip hop – as you’ve seen from Beenzino’s Dali, Van, Picasso; and as you can see now with Delaware hip hop duo The 49ers.

Thought U Wuz Nice (Instrumental) – Phife Dawg / J Dilla

12 December 2017

A member of legendary hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest, Phife Dawg died in 2016, but left an interesting solo work too. His 1999 EP “Bend Ova / Thought u wuz nice” was produced by J. Dilla (also a hip hop icon, gone 10 years before Phife) and contains pearls such as this track.

My Life Is Good – 애쉬비 (Ash-B)

5 December 2017

Here’s a cool song for you to just chill and be grateful for your life, in a non cheesy way. Relax and think of the good things about your life. Your life is good.

When you get to hear “My life is good”, by Ash-B, if you’re not fluent in Korean, the only lines you’ll understand are probably “My life is good” or “My life is cool” and “I’m proud of myself”. That’s enough, though.

Lágrimas do Palhaço – Kamau feat. Tulipa Ruiz

28 November 2017

What do you do with the sadness when you’re in a position to make others feel good? Where do you put it when you need to hide it?

Music and any other form of art might be a great escape, but that’s the tricky point: art usually demands you to be true to yourself and get in touch with your feelings. So how are you supposed to show up a smile when you’re doing exactly the one thing who forces you to remember how much you’re feeling down?

What’s Next – Latasha Alcindor

21 November 2017

Latasha Alcindor has a lot to say, and there’s so much style in the way she says it.

“What’s next” is an amazing sonic journey from her past and background as a black girl from the hood, to the future she is creating, the tomorrow she wants to see…

Perto de Mim – Sorry Drummer Feat. Stefanie, Rashid, Tatiana Bispo, DJ Negrito

14 November 2017

This is not just a song about falling in love. It’s as delicious as one, but better.

Born Luis Roberto Julião, Sorry Drummer is a Brazilian drummer and producer who brings a soulful approach to hip hop. His music is awesome, but I believe he also deserves credit for being able to reunite amazing artists and make it even better, like he does in this song.

Institutionalized – Kendrick Lamar feat. Bilal, Anna Wise & Snoop Dogg

7 November 2017

Art and music are indeed some of the most efficient and fit platforms to address social problems. Besides, being as subjective and democratic as it is, music is meant to entertain but sometimes it might also make you think.

Happen Ending – Epik High

31 October 2017

The whole point of this playlist is to encourage open-mindness through music, and to celebrate art as a powerful tool to find both what’s universal and what’s unique about each human being.

That being said, “Happen ending” by Epik High fits “Music to Dali & Jay-Z lovers” in so many levels that it’s hard to describe…

Sun, Star & Crescents – Large Professor

24 October 2017

We’re going to have some instrumental tracks in our playlist too and this is a great one to start with!

What’s awesome about tracks with no vocals is that they leave space for you to fill the instrumentals with whatever’s going through your mind. You can just jam along to them and think about anything you want. The production gives you a clue of which directions your thoughts may go, but it’s up to you to step into the suggested journey or create your own and just take the song as the soundtrack!

The Thrill Is Back – Statik Selektah feat. Styles P & Talib Kweli

17 October 2017

“Old versus new” discussions are recurrent in so many fields, and hip hop is not immune to it. 

American DJ Statik Selektah and rappers Talib Kweli and Styles P released “The thrill is gone” in 2010, expressing their anguishes about how contemporary hip hop is all about “funny clothes”, “Auto-Tunes” and is full of “too many vultures” but has little from the culture it is supposed to channel. 

To Heart – Tymee

10 October 2017

What’s amazing about South Korean rapper Tymee is her ability to go from super cute and sweet, to super dark and deep, to super badass and fierce, and then back to super super cute, but always sounding genuine and plausible in all these styles.

When We Love – Jhene Aiko

3 October 2017

We haven’t had much melodic vocals so far in this playlist – the closet thing to singing was Tássia Reis.

Hip hop is surely the biggest inspiration for “Music to Dali & Jay-Z lovers”, but it doesn’t mean all of our songs must be rap songs (check our brand statement here). 

The track of the week is Jhene Aiko’s “When we love”, a track from her album “Trip”, which is pretty much a soundtrack for a mental and/or spiritual storytelling trip through a story of love and pain. 

Love Is love – Versis

25 September 2017

“Love is love”, it’s simple like that.

If you truly feel it, you will automatically share it, enjoy life and respect people.

“Love is love”. It doesn’t need much more than these three words and an one minute and a half song, like this. As long as love is what keeps your heart “flowing, going, jumping, pumping”, you won’t need more than this to understand.

Jazz (We’ve Got) – A Tribe Called Quest

12 September 2017

This song is a primarily example of their music, because it brings all the right elements of that movement – and also, of what we value in “Music to Dali & Jay-Z lovers”: the peaceful vibes, the jazzy sound (with a sample from Jimmy McGriff), the intriguing lyrics.

Filha da Noite – Janine Mathias

5 September 2017

Here’s one more talented Brazilian woman giving us the grace of her music.

It’s hard – and unfair – to label Janine Mathias.

She was born in Brasília, Midwest Brazil (also its capital city), and started her career in Curitiba, South Brazil; but the observable manifoldness in her music doesn’t stick only to the fact that she collects influences from all those places.

Lily of the Valley – Nitty Scott, Sene

25 August 2017

As much as the rap of Nitty Scott, MC sounds like a Ladybug Mecca revival, what’s interesting about Nitty and the album from which we got this amazing track is the spiritual touch she brings.

Meu Rap Jazz – Tássia Reis

25 August 2017

This playlist would make absolutely no sense if I relied only on American artists or male artists. We’re here for diversity, creativity, freedom, courage and self-expression; and as a woman and proud Brazilian, I feel like I have the right and the responsibility of giving space to female artists and Brazilian artists, especially when there are so many making good music that sounds perfect for this playlist.

F.U.T.W. – Jay-Z

25 August 2017

Jay-Z is not in the name of this playlist only to create a punchline, rhyming with Salvador Dali – by the way, my first idea was to actually put a female rapper’s name. “Music to Nicki & Kandinsky lovers” seemed good. Nicki, Kandinsky, nice rhyme, nice references. I love Nicki Minaj’s music and Kandinsky’s paintings.

What Cool Breezes Do – Digable Planets

25 August 2017

Digable Planets were the kings of chill, with Ladybug Mecca as their Queen Bee (side note: she’s Brazilian, I’m so proud).

Thoughtful, lovers of good black music and with 0 f*cks to give, their attitude was the definition of class, and this song is an example of why.

Dali, Van, Picasso – Beenzino

25 August 2017

Beenzino is one of the classiest and most creative artists in the Korean hip hop scene.

This is one of his songs that makes you feel like you’re smelling really good and opening the door of your new luxurious apartment, with super white walls, a gleaming floor and minimalist decor.