Timothy Neal

I'm a 17 year old from Maryland, USA, but i've been around. I'm going to Howard soon to earn a degree in music composition, and plan on being a video game composer. I believe everyone is capable of good, and that the truth is the most important thing we have. There's not enough time to do all I plan to do, and not enough of me to be all I plan to be.

Hedgehog’s Dilemma – Shiro Sagisu

18 November 2021

There’s a large part of me that doesn’t like asking for help. For some reason, saying “I can’t do this alone” has been something that a lot of us have been conditioned to do, and that’s soul-wrenching when you think about it. We’re social creatures, humans. We’re literally built to need help from other people, and there isn’t anything wrong with that.

Street Fighter Mas – Kamasi Washington

18 November 2021

One of the worst feelings is definitely being in a bad place mentally and having to start from what feels like nothing to gaining routines and structure again. Trying to go from being practically unable to get out of bed to sticking to a schedule or any plan is a long, strenuous, uphill battle that the rest of the world does not wait for you to fight.

Everytime We Say Goodbye – John Coltrane

25 October 2021

Sometimes it can be hard to let things go. Whether it’s people, relationships, plans, or anything else, letting something go can be one of the most difficult things we as humans do.

Ghost Choir – Louie Zong

27 September 2021

Take a moment. Breathe. I don’t have anything for you to ponder, sometimes you just gotta take a break.

Claire de Lune – Kamasi Washington

27 September 2021

The ancient Greeks had different words for different types of love. There was Philia, a deep friendship, like the deep connection my taste buds share with Philadelphia cheese.

Deference for Darkness – Martin O’Donnell

17 July 2021

Careful with this song in the middle it kinda… oh, you’ll see. It’s crazy how little people think about themselves, isn’t it? I sound like I’m advocating for narcissism, so let me explain.

Panacea – Disasterpeace

17 July 2021

A panacea is a remedy for all illnesses and diseases. A cure-all. Now of course there is no real panacea, nothing to cure all the diseases and issues in our life. Except there is.

Miroirs III. Une Barque sur L’Ocean – Ravel

17 July 2021

I hate the ocean. I’m terrified of it. Waves do not calm me, they’re borderline a threat. It’s not the water the scares me of course, it’s the things in it.

Breath of the Wild Trailer – Hajime Wakai

17 July 2021

ometimes you try your best and fail. I know, not the most positive way to begin, but sometimes positivity can be found in the harshest conditions.

4AM Drifting

2 July 2021

Float at 4am with me – featuring artists like Tyler the Creator • 99 Neighbors • Daniel Caesar • Tobi Lou • Giveon • khai dreams • Rex Orange County • Joji

Tactical Chaos

12 June 2021

Bounce around like a pinball on a mission – featuring artists like J.I.D • XXXTENTACION • Dreamville • IDK • Denzel Curry • Logic • 99 Neighbors

Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 In E Flat Major – Chopin

11 June 2021

Humans are community creatures. We get somewhere we like and where we’re accepted and we stay there for as long as we consciously can

Resurrections – Lena Raine

11 June 2021

I think resurrection is nice. It’s one of those concepts that’s just inherently good. Bringing something back to life in itself is never bad.

Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major – Bach (Yo-Yo Ma)

11 June 2021

“Too little time in life.” It’s a phrase that is usually said in the negative. Too little time to do the things you want. Too little time to spend with loved ones. Too little time to live life.

80’s Comedown Machine – The Strokes

11 June 2021

The lack of something being the opposite of that thing can extend to other things, even some non-tangible things.t

19 – 99 Neighbors

11 June 2021

My favorite song currently. The choir makes it hit so hard and the chill beat plus haunting choir. All that plus the smooth flows that is the perfect transition to the… you know what? Scratch that.

Sacrifices – Dreamville

1 June 2021

It’s perfect for the start of this playlist in my opinion. I see it as kind of a song to meet you at the starting point, when you’ve barely seeped into your mind at all.