Sam Murray

Creatively – Katy Forkings

19 September 2017

As part of our role as curators we get a variety of submissions from people wanting their tracks on our playlists and it takes something special to pique my interest for the come down. I was excited to hear this track come through from Katy Forkings, a song about the creative process, which frankly is written enough about.

Black & Blue – Samantha Whates

5 September 2017

I first came across Samantha Whates when she performed as a backup singer for Jess Bryant at the union chapel when I played there many moons go. I was intrigued by her voice and decided to check out her own material and this track ‘Black & Blue’ stood out for me with its lush guitar part, a bit of glockenspiel and strings, you know I love those strings.

The Fear – The Shins

29 August 2017

My latest post-gig come down happened at a festival when my band finished playing I ran over to the main stage at Greenman to catch the last part of the set by The Shins. James Mercer introduced the song and suddenly I was transported to such a calming place with such an incredible string line and gorgeous melodies built up around it…

All Written Out in Numbers – This Is The Kit

21 August 2017

This is the Kit are one of the perfect come down projects to wrap your headphone around. The sounds also feel like the understand how to get you to a state of calm, with lyrical zen and sonic washes.

Truth – Kamasi Washington

15 August 2017

Kamasi Washington is one of the hottest artists in jazz right now, Part of the same LA jazz scene as Thundercat, Kamasi Washington has gained immense credibility in his work with artists like Kendrick Lamar, Lauryn Hill and Snoop Dogg but it is his solo work that really shines on.

Catarina – Vesevo

7 August 2017

This song comes directly from road testing, on a drive back from playing at kendal calling our bass player turn off the cd player to see what was on the radio and tuned into BBC radio 3 for their WOMAD coverage an as soon as we heard this tune we were transfixed seeing what wasn’t there on the unfurling road debating furiously where the music came from.

A Hundred Dreams from Now – Ray Bryant

28 July 2017

This playlist was lacking the right amount of jazz and this track does more than make up the difference it inspires, it beguiles and it understands the journey home. There is something in the way Ray Bryant plays that says I feel you and this track is his ‘let me play you something that might help’ moment as almost on command he gets you tonight in that car and after a generous tip is going to pull out one of his best numbers.

Fado do Perdão – Cuca Roseta

28 July 2017

Fado is the music of fate, singing songs of beautiful agony, of unrequited love, or tragic fate of solace in anguish and turmoil. These songs from Portugal are about skillful portuguese guitar playing and vulnerable fragile vocals that really speak to the core of the soul. What better kind of music is there to come down after a night out? This one is for the nights out that didn’t work quite as planned, things happened you kind of want to regret but also want to do deal with, and Fado is the music there for you in this journey.

Benjamin Brown – Jonny Kearney and Lucy Farrell

28 July 2017

I can’t remember exactly where I first saw Johnny & Lucy, it was either supporting Bellowhead in Bradford or at Musicport festival or maybe both? But they were either the support act that stole the show or the band of the festival, I really should try and clear up that memory. This is the best in British folk, a wonderful narrative, two unique voices and guitar and a dose of good feeling.

Blonde On Blonde – Nada Surf

28 July 2017

I do have a story as how I came to this track. I was staying in Nuremberg for a few days between events in Strasbourg and Prague and took the time to lock myself away in an airbnb and study for my PhD. I’ll admit I went on tinder and ended up meeting this awesome woman called Niculina from Romania who’d move to Nuremberg. After hanging out I asked her favourite song and she recommended this one. For me this song is about serendipity that in that trip I could be introduced to music and broaden my sonic horizons.