Home – Ross Carlo

20 September 2021

It is no secret that music exhibiting soul & groove has a special place in… well my soul.

PSA – Langston Bristol Feat. Redveil

20 January 2021

Hip-hop has always been at its best when driven to the crossroads of innovation and history.

Cheesin’ – Remi Wolf

3 November 2020

Please blast this song if you need a quick smile in line waiting to vote today.

LetsGroove- Rooknight

5 October 2020

How do you bring dance back to the club, or groove/soul into the modern era? This is my first attempt, looking to create many more to come, LetsGroove.

Take you Down- Picante

15 September 2020

Next time you’re having a total bland boring lamestorm day, try spicing it up a bit with something Picante. (I could’t resist the corniness), but really check em out lol

For The Record- Winston Surfshirt

31 August 2020

Chords that hold on to the last rays of summer sunshine and bring that warmth back around even on the coldest days- Winston Surfshirt brings the heat from the land down under.

She Funked Me – Cassowary

26 May 2020

Musicianship, is ironically often overlooked in modern day music…

Nightrider – Tom Misch

28 April 2020

Tom Misch hails from south London, home to a recent explosion in Neo Soul. The history of which is rich enough to warrant it’s own post for another time…

Cool To You – Teenage Priest

24 March 2020

This will be the first of many on a journey diverging a bit the previous path…

Tenderness – Jay Som

17 March 2020

In the era of instant gratification sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a journey…


7 January 2020

Monsune manages to capture the energy of soul and RnB of the past yet, blends it seamlessly with sounds and grooves of today…

Needy Bees – Nick Hakim

26 November 2019

I love showcasing artist’s where the biggest challenge is choosing which of their songs to write about…