AK Rockefeller

Water No Get Enemy – Fela Kuti

2 April 2019

Water is the mother of all life, and is the chief ingredient of most of it. Without water, most living things die. We jellyfish are a shining example. The way we move and eat only works in water. Without the buoyancy of water, we would simply melt into the ground…

Strike Gently – Big Inf feat. UFO Fev (AK Rockefeller remix)

27 November 2018

We jellyfish are masters of the art of subtlety.  When we hunt, we simply wait for our supper to come to us.  Our energy is expended on arriving in the right place at the right time.  Preparation and planning is the key.  Gauging the movements of the currents, smelling the morsels on the waves…

My Own Private I Don’t Know – Fascinator

20 November 2018

We jellyfish don’t know anything.  You might think we’d be confused by this, but in fact the opposite is true.  There’s great certainty in total emptiness.  We’re never torn by indecision.  We never have to worry about what’s right and what’s wrong.  We can just go with the flow and let the waves wash over us…

100 Days – Kaome

30 October 2018

We jellyfish often grow up on the bottom of the ocean.  There, as young little polyps, we are at the mercy of everything that crawls around and eats.  Many of us don’t even make it to become proper adult jellyfish.  We have to stick together to survive. ..

Palmwine – Mo’Believe

2 October 2018

We jellyfish like to party like any other creatures.  When the current is just right and there’s an abundance of a favored food source, we join together in a big bloom.  It’s nice to see your friends and neighbors enjoying themselves and forgetting their sea of troubles while reading the peaceful, soothing waves…

Made for This – Elorah

29 August 2018

We jellyfish were made for eating little fishes. That’s what we dream about. Though we aren’t really capable of dreaming or spiritual experience in the sense that you might understand, we do have desires…

Karma – Deep Watters & Mika Lett

22 August 2018

We all make mistakes in life. Even us jellyfish. Sometimes our mistakes end up hurting or inconveniencing others. We make a thoughtless move that feels like it’s in our favor but has consequences that come back on us. Our little ill-gotten gains become catastrophic losses. Some call this karma…

The Signifying Monkey – Johnny Otis feat. Shuggie Otis

31 July 2018

The way of the jellyfish is simplicity.  We jellyfish aren’t capable of double-talk and trickery. We are easy to read and easy to avoid if you’re looking out.  

Some creatures (and even more humans) are clever and can talk circles around you, perhaps insulting you right to your face, with you none the wiser…

GT40 – Lindsay Lowend

10 July 2018

It’s been a strange week for this jellyfish.  I had to swim very far out of my usual feeding zones to find the right sort of fish and was unable to rest satisfactorily.  This in turn led to some very disturbing jellyfish dreams…

Ahmad’s Blues – Ahmad Jamal

26 June 2018

We jellyfish are nothing if not efficient.  Our unique swimming style uses a bare minimum of energy.  We eat and excrete from the same orifice.  We aren’t burdened with cumbersome and pesky brains to carry around and constantly harass us with grief and worry…