Take it Easy

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Be at ease with these mellow tunes

Featuring artists like: Young the Giant Current Joys Wallows Alice Phoebe Lou COIN Will Paquin Clairo Hippo Campus

Latest Collaborative Playlists from Musicto

Luka ClarkeAndrew McCluskey

a playlist by Luka Clarke and Andrew McCluskey

6 October 2021

Caleb KelchMaria Fish

a playlist by Caleb Kelch and Maria Fish

4 October 2021

Ayse OzhasmanMaria Fish

Disco in the Beach House
a playlist by Ayse Ozhasman and Maria Fish

1 October 2021

Andrew McCluskeyJorge Pedbra

Songs to Address The Madness
a playlist by Andrew McCluskey and Jorge Pedbra

30 September 2021