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My father once told me to be wary of women. I laughed at him. I remember the day well. We were in his car, eating sandwiches, I was nineteen and helping him out at work. He wanted to show me the ropes of being an entrepreneur. Hence, we hung out together every day for a month. I learned the ropes of being an entrepreneur but didn’t understand a fig about what he was trying to explain about women. I wish I had listened to him more closely…

DD Allen’s fantastic “Rebecca’s Curse” deals with the relationship pain inflicted by a troubled person. My advice to my children has always been, “When somebody shows you their true colors, run!” Of course, it is easier said than done and in most cases, we stay put, too scared and shocked to do a damn thing about being miserable in our relationships.

According to Allen, “Rebecca’s Curse” is “a poignant tale of isolation and despair in a young 'Rebecca' — struggling with mental health, shunned in life by her prostitute mother, growing up running from everyone she knows is good for her.” It’s powerful stuff lyrically and I particularly liked discovering that the track’s autobiographical. Says Allen: “I wrote this song about a real relationship with ‘Rebecca’ – part angel, part devil. I hope she’s well.”

“Rebecca’s Curse” brings to mind some of the best British new wave acts of the eighties and also, one of my all time-favorite bands: The Editors. It’s got great vocals, cool guitars and most of all, a rather cleverly composed melody that is catchy but not too predictable. I recommend it wholeheartedly to alternative pop/rock fans and pop fans alike. Give it a spin, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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