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The great Oscar Wilde once remarked:

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that's all.

This famous quote pretty much sums up what this playlist is about: living. More precisely, it celebrates the life lived, all of it - not just the good bits. Hence, the music featured here is about the joys and pains of existence. The songs selected for this playlist will have strong vocals and compelling melodic structures. However, given the nature and the theme of this playlist, special emphasis is placed on the lyrical content. If a song discusses the inner conflict of man, tells a good story, is anti-establishment, portrays esoteric snapshots of life or reflects on what every-day life is like for most of us and does this well, it most likely has a place on this list. 

For those submitting music, for the purposes of this playlist, genre is not important. As long as the above-mentioned criteria is met, you are eligible for consideration. Baffle me.

Track Sponsor Of The Month: Effigy by The Impersonators

“Effigy” describes that moment in all our lives, when we realize that we‘ve grown tired of protecting our ego, that moment when we are done worrying about how we appear to others. Rather than wanting to be cool or important, we want to be happy and discover our true identity. And the best way to achieve this is to kill our ego.

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