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This week's track may not be the normal dark, doom and gloom I usually serve up - but it's one hellova track that found it's way under my skin.

Evan Castle certainly sets the mood -though I struggled put my finger on it. More to the point ...I think I was reliving my own past life experiences. Sure - the obvious rock flavours and honest Alt-Country vibe are present - but I found myself connecting emotionally before I was remotely interested in boxing it up...

"Apt.B" brilliantly captures a piece of time, I can literally watch the track playout as it moves through the storyline - or maybe its just my own story rattling round on replay.

I can only hope there'll be a full album coming our way.

Introducing, Evan Castle and The Southern Tier - just honest songwriting at it's best.

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Drawn to music from an early age, Chris' first album was The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations, a record he'd spent weeks saving up his pocket money for.  Now after many years of second hand vinyl markets and countless concerts and festivals, Chris a painter and decorator by day, continues to chase the dragon for that next cool music discovery.  Raised in Brisbane and now operating out of Noosa on Australia's sunshine coast, you can learn more about Chris at