Chris Mccann

Drawn to music from an early age, Chris' first album was The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations, a record he'd spent weeks saving up his pocket money for. Now after many years of second hand vinyl markets and countless concerts and festivals, Chris a painter and decorator by day, continues to chase the dragon for that next cool music discovery. Raised in Brisbane and now operating out of Noosa on Australia's sunshine coast, you can learn more about Chris at

Tarantino Jukebox

12 January 2022

Need a Tarantino fix? This is the playlist for you! – featuring artists like Jack Nitzsche • The Pussycats • The Statler • Brothers • T. Rex • The Antler King • The Hillbilly Moon Explosion • The Runaways • Dick Dale and his Del-Tones

Edgy 80’s

19 December 2021

Loud, dancey, electrifying…whatever you wanna call it– it’s you jolt of energy you need! – featuring artists like Franz Ferdinand• Basically Saturday Night• The Frights• The Vaccines• Art Brut• Castlecomer• SWMRS

Song in 60 Seconds

24 September 2021

A MusicTo collaborative playlist of songs in and around one minute – featuring artists like The Clash • Bad Religion • M.I.A • Cru • Opeth • Pratley • BA Johnson • The Linda Lindas • Ramones

Piano Classics Vol. 1

15 September 2021

Tracks where the piano – and occasionally the organ make all the difference – featuring artists like Tom Waits • James Leg • The Belfast Cowboys • Lou Reed • Joe Jackson • Wilco • World Party • Nina Simone

Peaches En Regalia — Where to Start with Frank Zappa • a playlist by musicto

28 May 2021

The work of Frank Zappa spans three decades and contains 60 plus albums. On top of all that, he is completely unique compared to most rock musicians that came out of the 60’s and 70’s. A “Where to Start” playlist seems very necessary for one to dive into the ingenious world of Zappa.

Stranded In The Desert

26 May 2021

Picture the scene: you’ve burnt a million miles on your journey to escape reality. You’re out in the boonies, as far from other humans as you can possibly be. It’s just you, the open road, and your favourite tunes. And then you break down. Featuring artists like: All Them Witches • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club • Eagles Of Death Metal • IDLES • The Kills • Band Of Skulls • Meat Puppets • Mastodon

Far From Any Road – The Handsome Family

17 May 2021

A dark dusty track, used in the introduction to the instant cult classic – “True Detective”.

Pretty Pictures – Celibate Rifles

27 April 2021

Sadly we’ve lost Damo but his music will cement his immortality forever.

The Crossing Place – Beelzebub Jones, Half Deaf Clatch

15 March 2021

If the Devil had a bastard child I think I just found him.

Mopar Man- Doug Wilshire

9 February 2021

He brings an authentic feel and sound to his music – with a blend of sub genres – rich vocals and the ability on a Steel that would leave Junior Brown talking.

Devil in The Desert – Jakob Drummond

1 February 2021

Devil in The Desert is this week’s stripped back acoustic gem…

Dark, and cool as fuck! – it captures the journey of a man on the run, his taste for blood and his final demise.

There She Goes – David Place

19 January 2021

You’ve heard me ramble about the honesty and grit of Australian artists time and time again – but there’s definitely something special about our humble approach. David Place is no exception with “There She Goes”.

Ol ’55- Tom Waits

6 January 2021

“Ol 55” has the perfect vibe and energy to bring you back – starring an amazing arrangement of keys.

Anenome- The Brian Jonestown Massacre

7 December 2020

You can feel the uncertainty of the year gone by through the songwriting and definitely with the lyrics – delivering a dreamy, what the fuck 2020, that almost allows you stand on the balcony next to Hood.

Watching the Orange Clouds – Drive-by Truckers

29 October 2020

You can feel the uncertainty of the year gone by through the songwriting and definitely with the lyrics – delivering a dreamy, what the fuck 2020, that almost allows you stand on the balcony next to Hood.

Bird Of Prey- Pixies

20 October 2020

Lyrically on the darker side – but the rockabilly-esque back rhythm brings a lighter element to the track that rolls throughout – keeping you in your comfy chair and tapping your feet

Jesus Was a Social Drinker- Chuck Prophet

13 October 2020

It’s been a while between tracks – and I figured we could all use something to lighten the load of day to day life.

This one’s a modern classic and a personal favorite of mine and I’m sure you’ll see why.

Desolation Blues – Black Operator

19 May 2020

Black Operator delivers another dirty, gritty treat for rock fans…

Spinnin’ On This Rock – Ramsay Midwood

22 April 2020

Gritty, whiskey drenched songwriting is right up my alley…

The Devil Ain’t an Only Child – Jhett Blacks

14 April 2020

I’ve said it before – but who really wants rainbows and lolly-pops when it comes to music…

The Ballad of Whiskey Pete – Windows

7 April 2020

Debut single from Windowstheband bring’s us a quirky little cow/surf track – thats hard not to love…

Fruits Of My Labor – Lucinda Williams

3 March 2020

Kicking off with her first recording way back in 78. Lucinda’s gritty-hard rockin, country-blues continues to please ears of musical tastes still today…

Dress Sexy At My Funeral – Smog

18 February 2020

After three days of roadtripping and camping vintage Volkswagen style, I was searching for some Lo-Fi goodness for the post dub fest blues…

DNA – The Kills

4 February 2020

We all find ourselves hitting the open road for one reason or another…

Made It All The Way To San Francisco – Sam Pace & The Gilded Grit

28 January 2020

We all find ourselves hitting the open road for one reason or another…

Nutbush City Limits – Black Diamond Heavies

20 January 2020

I’m sure everyone know’s this week’s track… 

Mexican Radio – Wall Of Voodoo

13 January 2020

Being a sad sack of shit isn’t always fun – but it’s honest. In saying this I thought I should bring something a little more light hearted to the table…

Must’ve Been High – Supersuckers

7 January 2020

I’m not only hung over, but kinda worn out. A slightly, over indulged, festive season slob to be honest…

As the Crow Flies – Tony Joe White

5 November 2019

Only just last week, the 24th of October marked the one year anniversary of Tony Joe’s passing.

The Swamp Fox brought us,”Polk Salad Annie”,”Rainy Night in Georgia” and many more. His genre crossing collaborations stretched far and wide – as did his tribute’s…

Across The Nation – Golden Age of Ballooning

21 October 2019

After a messy Saturday session with Matty from Box Falcon – I called on his help to hip me up for track to chew on this week…

Holdin’ out for Something – Timothy Alice and The Dead Star Band

8 October 2019

The debut single from Timothy Alice and The Dead Star Band – is a real wolf in sheep’s clothing –that hides cleverly behind the flow of easy listening…

Gardenia – Iggy Pop

1 October 2019

This week’s track may be 2016 young – but in my ears it’s totally up there with the likes of Passenger, Candy, and Lust for Life, not to mention earlier Stooges cuts…

Move a Mountain – Jonny Falstaff

23 September 2019

If your not familiar – get on board with this larger than life Texan, that brings it on home with his Old School Honky-Tonk flavour and a cult following thats bigger than a 59 caddy…

Cold & Dark & Wet – Greg Brown

4 September 2019

In the backblocks of Iowa you might stumble upon one of America’s finest singer songwriters -“Greg Brown”…

Cedartown – Waylon Jennings

27 August 2019

I never really give you an essay with each of my tracks – and this one’s no different. This weeks selection can pretty much do all the talking…

I Ain’t Your Man – 87 Nights

20 August 2019

Eighty Seven Nights has taken my ears by surprise! A six piece formed in 2018 in Charleston college, although members origins are wide spread throughout the US – Philly, NYC and Nashville to name a few…

Apt. B – Evan Castle & the Southern Tier

13 August 2019

This week’s track may not be the normal dark, doom and gloom I usually serve up – but it’s one hellova track that found it’s way under my skin…

Psycho – Eddie Noack

30 July 2019

“Psycho” …Quite easily the Godfather or even the great buck toothed uncle of all murder-ballads….

Drinking Too Much – James Leg

23 July 2019

James Leg is undoubtedly the coolest thing on my rotation list at the moment – not to mention the music world in general…

Salt Creek – Harry Jakamarra

15 July 2019

We all endure hardships throughout our lives – some of us more than others. The men, women and family’s, that farm and live off the land do it tougher than any other demographic sector in Australia. Living remotely, drought, mortgage stress adds to the distresses of day to day life, and furthermore getting access to mens help – that we all take for granted here in the big smoke…

Sunday – Sonic Youth

3 July 2019

I hope you connect with the melody that lurks in the shadows of this weeks track, courtesy of 80’s underground giants – Sonic Youth…

Internet – All Them Witches

24 June 2019

Nashville rock outfit “All Them Witches” bring us change up this week, with a genre crossing fusion and lyrics that will leave you questioning your current dimensional space…

Killed Them Both – Wayne Hancock

18 June 2019

Reminiscent of the good ol’ boys of country – the living legend “Wayne The Train” brings us a second addition to the playlist this week…

Jesus On TV – The Celibate Rifles

5 June 2019

It doesn’t matter who you are or think you are – where all just ticking over doing our own shit…

If the world was on count down to Armageddon, can you image the fuckwits coming out of the wood work – LOL…

Burn My Shadow – UNKLE

14 May 2019

I gotta be honest – we’re eighty six tracks into the list and I feel like I’m getting a little stale.

Genres, sub genres and everything in between – I feel like I’m serving up steak and eggs every week – so I’m looking into my big black book of karma-sutra, cause I’m sure I can fuck your ears with a little more than my usual offerings…

Scratch – Morphine

7 May 2019

I’ve always felt that Morphine was one of the most appropriately named outfits in relation to their creative sound

Like the warm fuzz of an opioid – you can almost pack this track into your favourite implement, lay back and let the seduction take over…

Deeper Than Hell – Jeffrey Halford and The Healers

1 May 2019

There’s absolutely no question about the imagery and atmosphere that Halford and the Healers conjure with their music.

Deeper than Hell is a definite essential on your next road trip, with its rich narrative lyrics, and a blend of rootsy sub-genres and flavours…

Get A Strut On – Son Of Dave

9 April 2019

Blues Man, innovator and genius.

Son of Dave’s genre crossing compilation of sounds has set him apart from any artist I’ve discovered…

Dirty South – James Leg

2 April 2019

I recall lying on the floor in my teens, with In a Gadda da Vida blaring in complete darkness. It wasn’t the first time that I’d crossed paths with the piano or organ, though.

My Mother and Grandmother would play on the old Victorian Upright in the living room everyday – It was like clockwork – just like the old-man inhabiting the shitter at first bird’s of the day…

Perfect Wife – Amigo The Devil

26 March 2019

A big thanks to Jesse from for the introduction to this weeks feature artist.

Perfect Wife has all the pleasantry’s of a Mumford and Sons mainstream super hit – except for a couple of lyrical concepts…

Sunrise – Ryan Bingham

19 March 2019

Desert or Ocean?

I just can’t decide where my heart truly lies.

For anyone that’s spent time out in the middle of nowhere, you know what I mean…

Deep Slide Blues – Box Falcon

12 March 2019

Brisbane, Australia has been subjected to its fair share of ridicule….

For years we’ve worn the brunt of shit slinging from the southern states, regarding art, food and culture.

But in my opinion, we not only have the sunshine, but we also incubate some of Australia’s finest music – The Saints, Go-Between’s and Powderfinger – to name a few…. 

Can’t Say No – Beasts Of Bourbon

5 March 2019

The Beasts of Bourbon have been pleasing fans down-under since the early eighties.

 After decades of playing hard and truly living up to their name in every sense of the phrase, sadly we said goodbye last year to bassist Brian Hooper and guitarist Spencer.P.Jones. Unbeknown to the current line-up April 2018 marked the end of an era with their passing…

Camel Walk – Southern Culture on the Skids

19 February 2019

In the wee hours of the morning, long after any order or political correctness was present – The drunks line up for their turn at navigating the stereo.

Anything is possible at this time of the morning – the good the bad and the ugly…

Fuzzy – Grant Lee Buffalo

13 February 2019

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to have this weeks’ track on the list.

My playlist  is basically a virtual soundtrack of what goes through my speakers – so if I have a sudden urge to listen to a track – I do ( said scrabbling through the glove compartment.)

I must admit – if in company, I’ll always hear a track out… or at least fade out with the etiquette of a seasoned DJ – when I’m coherent LOL!..

Burden of the Cross – Dale Watson

6 February 2019

Grief and the loss of a loved one is devastating in anyone’s language…

From my own experience, unexpected loss has got to be one of the hardest. There’s just nothing that can prepare you for the roller coaster of emotions ahead…

Ramon Casiano – Drive-By Truckers

30 January 2019

I’m gonna slowly lower you into the high energy of this week’s artist…. 

This is an acoustic rendition that might just win you over before you delve into their extensive electric catalogue at depth.

Known for their hard hitting southern rock and overtly political songwriting -The Truckers bring so much more to the table than meets the eye…

Return – Jacob Furr

22 January 2019

Track of the week comes in from Texan singer songwriter Jacob Furr with his latest single “Return”

“Return” is the first single from his up coming third album. Written while on tour from Seattle to Charleston and recorded at Rockhill Studio in Fort Worth Texas with producer/engineer/ and guitarist Ryan Tharp…

Little Ramona (Gone Hillbilly Nuts) – BR549

16 January 2019

Happy New Year and welcome back to Burn a Million Miles…

To get us back into the zone I’ve gotta little Western Swing thing this week, from the legendary BR-549 …

Big Dwarf Rodeo – The Reverend Horton Heat

6 November 2018

The king of cool deliverers us a another cracker this week – celebrating all things that red blooded rockers love – cars, gals, beer, steak and rodeo – sliced & diced with hard boiled blend of rockabilly and a big bold side of Jim’s spicy humour sauce…

Loading Zones – Kurt Vile

30 October 2018

Every now and then you stumble upon an artist and the penny drops immediately…

I wasn’t a listener back in the days of “The War On Drugs” – I guess I’m a late starter – but I had an instant connection with the 2015 release of “B’lieve I’m Going Down”…

Great Eastern Highway – Delilah Rose & the Gunslingers

16 October 2018

I’m finding myself drifting off into the dark side of country all too often these days –

So with a recent request from a listener to lighten the f*ck up….here we are!  lol……

Lucky for me – this week marks the release of Delilah Rose and the Gunslingers EP  “Good Grief”…

Bury Them Deep – Ghoultown

9 October 2018

The last thing I want to do is slap a label on this weeks artist….and to be quite honest I think most of you would along with me

There’s just so many sub-genres emerging on almost a daily basis these days – it’s becoming hard to keep up…

Mountain Song – Kate Vargas

11 September 2018

From Kate Vargas’ latest release “For The Wolfish & The Wandering”- Mountain Song conjures my own memories of time spent in the U.S and Australian deserts…

Snake Song – Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan

4 September 2018

 I feel like I’ve almost most come full circle with my track selection on a Million Miles.  

While not every track has had country or roots’y bones – I found myself transcending through sub-genres, the odd classic and cover – for familiarity – but this week was an easy choice being a favourite…

Questioningly – Ramones

27 August 2018

Burn a Million Miles has not only been a playlist for me. But a compilation of some my life’s mongrel memoirs.

I’ve said it before the good the bad and the ugly…..

This weeks artist you all know and love – and many of you have probably travelled a similar roads of music discovery…

The King of Salem – Kings And Queens

21 August 2018

I swear-I don’t have a Southern Cross tattoo….lol – but I do get patriotic when it comes to local talent. I’ve mentioned this before – but there’s definitely something special about the songwriters that emerge from Australia…

When I First Met Your Ma – Paul Kelly

14 August 2018

I’m taking advantage of my guest spot here on the Grieve list by introducing you to one of Australia’s finest storytellers Mr. Paul Kelly.

A true Aussie icon, and indisputably the jewel in the crown of home grown artists, in my eyes. Fact or fiction, his writing has the ability to lift you from the darkest of depths or bring you to tears with honesty and realism that cuts to the bone…

Maggie – Colin Hay

31 July 2018

I’m Chris from the Music to Burn A Million Miles playlist – and I’ll be your guest curator for August.  For myself – and regulars tuning into the playlist – it can be a place to seek shelter, to deal with the emotions that come with loss , and last but not least music to heal.  I really hope you will enjoy the stories and music over the next few weeks…

Jingle Of A Dog’s Collar – Butthole Surfers

24 July 2018

The punk and hardcore scene of the 80’s definitely took ownership of Gibby Haynes and the Buttholes. Until their number one single “Pepper”, the general masses had never really had a taste of what was on offer  – besides snigering at the sound of the Butthole name from an overheard conversation in their lunchroom.

Defend – Morosity

17 July 2018

This week’s track – yet another masterpiece from the lads over at Morosity

Yes – I’m a little late serving up their latest offering released in May – but better late than ever and to be frank, I can’t see this track getting tired anytime soon…

A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off – The Magnetic Fields

2 July 2018

From their 99′ release “69 Love Songs” – a three disc behemoth – this weeks track is “A Chicken With It’s Head Cut Off”.​​​​​​​

Stephin Merrit front man, multi instrumentalist, and lyrical genius brings us a hilarious analogy of being head over heals!…

I Shot The Sheriff – Union Avenue

25 June 2018

The classics are great don’t get me wrong! I can sit down and watch re-runs of Mash and Gilligan’s Island year after year until the bowl is empty.

I know… you die hard hard fans will kick a stick up my arse for this – but when It comes to music, certain classics may be brilliant in their own right – but seriously- they’ve been absolutely flogged to death for decades.

Medicine Woman – Demi Mitchell

19 June 2018

Demi Mitchell has got the indie scene talking here in Australia…

This weeks track submission “Medicine Woman” put me straight under Demi’s seductive spell.

Less is definitely more in my eyes and “Medicine Woman’s” fragile assembly – and narcotic slow core restraint has been nailed brilliantly…

Yonderboi – Road Movie

11 June 2018

 Remember the good old days of film, cinema and drive in…..

The stoner endorsed yellow-coloured pop corn, a plethora of lollies being pelted from the back row – Oh, and don’t forget the four extra bodies you smuggled into the drive in, in the trunk of the Chev. 

Hold My Hand – Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson

29 May 2018

You all know of my early musical tastes from my bio, if not – I finally came out of the closet with my hardcore peers. My new found obsession of country, roots and anything with a bit of meat on the bone, there was no turning back. Just like this week’s artist, I was hooked…

Seersucker Dress – Stephen Babcock

22 May 2018

 Latest submission to the playlist this week comes in from New Yorker Stephen Babcock.

With the arrival of his latest E.P “Fiction”, it’s been a hard choice to select just one track for the list – and definitely encourage listening from front to back, but today I’m show casing “Seersucker Dress” a personal favourite…

Weightless Again – The Handsome Family

14 May 2018

If you didn’t know any better this week’s track could quite easily be mistaken for a campfire sing along.. however, it would surely ruffle the feathers at your average Scout Jamboree.. 

Kindly shared by the Music to Question Existence playlist, “Weightless Again” is this weeks feature track.

(I’ve Got a Feeling) Nobody’s Trying to Tell Me Something – Paul Dempsey

6 May 2018

Australia’s the breeding ground for some extraordinary talent, Paul Dempsey – front man from Something For Kate is no exception.

After punching out a long list of credible Alt-Rock albums with the band, 2009 marked the release of his debut solo album…

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Patti Smith

30 April 2018

I’m throwing you a bone from the 90’s this week. Well – not exactly!  Delivered by the fore-mother of cool Patti Smith – and written by the late Kurt Cobain as you all would know.

Grandma’s Hand – Everlast

24 April 2018

I’ve almost swung outside my usual box this week with a track from American Rapper Everlast (Erik Schrody)

Not only known for his solo work but his earlier projects -“House of Pain” and “La Coka Nostra”…

J’pas un cowboy – Lisa LaBlanc

15 April 2018

With absolutely no shortage of awesome sounds rolling out of Canada – This week I have the talented singer-songwriter Lisa Le Blanc.

Someone recently asked me if I could focus on more female talent on the list so here we are……I knew exactly where to kick it off.

Where Is My Mind? – Trampled by Turtles

8 April 2018

I still recall hearing the original of this weeks track, back in the late 80’s .

The original as most of you would know, was written and delivered by Pixies’ front man, Francis Black. From the Surfer Rosa release, “Where Is My Mind”, has not only become a signature dish amongst Alternative listening circles – but has also been extensively used for film and TV advertisements and even video games, exposing it to the broader masses…

Ketchikan – Steig

2 April 2018

 This week’s track submission comes in from Canadian and multi instrumentalist Matthew Maier – Aka Steig.

His debut album “Steig” is full of diverse rootsy genres and elements that I love and seek out when I’m on the trail of discovery…

Magic Arrow – Timber Timbre

26 March 2018

 This week’s track comes from Canadian outfit Timber Timbre.

I’m going to start you off with “Magic Arrow”, from their 2009 self titled release – purely based on my path of discovery.  This track has had some exposure on soundtracks etc and figure some of you may recognise it – anyhow it’s a good place to start you on your journey.

The Way I Made You Feel – Ed Keupper

20 March 2018

I’m so lucky to live in such an amazing part of the world – Surrounded by National Parks and local surf breaks, not to mention – a world class surfing reserve.

With this week coming to an end, we’ve seen another Noosa Surfing Festival unfortunately come and go…. So for this week’s track I thought I’d throw an Australian icon into the mix……Ed Kuepper – just to help soften the blow….

Hold On – Tom Waits

13 March 2018

We all know and love Tom Waits. If you don’t – you should…

I actually spent a few hours preparing a track and a write-up this week, but lost the lot as I hit the send button.

The reason for this worthless info, you ask? Well….

Marita – Black Operator

5 March 2018

This week’s track submission is from critically acclaimed Dutch five piece “Black Operator”. 

From my first listen I knew I had to have this track on a” Million Miles” playlist… The dirty roots’y rock and the dark tales and murder ballads get me every time… I can just picture it – a soundtrack –  an old car on a forgotten hi-way…a perfect place to commit the perfect crime…

Laughing River – Greg Brown

27 February 2018

As I role though the years it seems, I’m saying farewell to friends all too often.

I buried one of the good ol boy’s this week, a true brother…

Waymore’s Blues – Waylon Jennings

20 February 2018

We can’t keep rollin without a little Waylon in our lives…..

The undisputed king of the Outlaw Country movement – flat mate of Johnny Cash – connoisseur of all things party related, and last but not least a major influencer for so contemporary artists.

Graveyard – The Devil Makes Three

13 February 2018

Behind the wheel for most of us is a time to reflect…The good times – success – lost and found love – overwhelming grief and at times, the self torture…

For good or bad It’s my think tank. I’m sure you’ve let your guard down out on the road, let your music take you away, rejoice in it’s brilliance or seek shelter in lyrics – especially when they confirm you not alone.

Shake My Tree – Iron Mike Norton

6 February 2018

To be honest…

 I’ve never really had a huge knowledge of the Blues. One, I don’t know what I’m looking for – or where to even start when filtering through endless boxes at a Record fair. I might know all the big names, but no idea of contemporary artists. This week I was fortunate to have it handed to me…

Love kills – Radio Birdman

29 January 2018

As I shuffle through the memories, Radio Birdman is blaring on cassette,  I’m on a surf trip…somewhere….anywhere…..or just didn’t care.

I recall my Old Man giving me my first car…. an old Holden utility, Australia’s answer to it’s big brother… the El-Camino…

Mother of Earth – The Gun Club

22 January 2018

We’re driving head on into the darkness with The Gun Club this week.

Emerging in the late 70’s out of Los Angeles, they played a part reinventing the Punk scene – with Country, Blues and Rockabilly flavours…

Death Metal Guys – The Reverend Horton Heat

15 January 2018

How many of you there love the Rev? I know I do….

It’s easy to see why The Reverend Horton Heat is so popular – even in mainstream circles.

With hilarious story lines to the lyrics, and the classic trademark sound of the Gretsch and Double Bass. These guys will take you on a high energy journey through the world of country, surf and psychobilly flavours.

Crazy – Alice Jayne

9 January 2018

I gotta be honest I probably wouldn’t have put the original track on the turntable, but I also wouldn’t have turned it off… 

 I can only imagine putting yourself out there as an artist must be one tough act to follow …. pardon the pun… Harder again, pulling off a cover of a track that swept the planet, went platinum… and since been listed on a Rolling Stone’s top 100 songs of the Decade and furthermore their Top 500 songs of all time….

Pass you By – Gillian Welch

1 January 2018

Kinda been looking for the perfect placement of a Gillian Welch track, but I sort of came to the realisation it doesn’t matter where Her music sits…  It’s just so beautifully brilliant and track placement is totally irrelevant.  The melancholy beats per minute, and the fragile restraint of Her vocal’s had me lining up at the record market until I had the entire discography under my belt… 

Work On – Mike West

18 December 2017

Something that’s been missing from a Million Miles is a solid Blues track’s, but fortunately I was handed one this week from the talented Mike West out of Liverpool UK.

In Mike’s former life he kicked off his career in a Thrash/Metal outfit, so at times, I’m sure you’ll recognise the tough gravel vocals and how it’s been used to Mike’s advantage whilst he continues to keep it real with his acoustic, Alt Country, Blues and roots flavours. 

Pretty Pimpin – Kurt Vile

12 December 2017

This week we have “Pretty Pimpin” from the incomparable “Kurt Vile” former guitarist for “The War on Drugs”. 

I first heard this a few years back ,out on the road, and just loved the Indie/roots flavour it has going on, but it was actually the lyric that got me and reminded me of “Paul Kelly’s” “Look so Fine but Feel so Low”  so don’t be fooled by it’s catchy facade…

The Curse – Evil Edna

5 December 2017

Burn a Million Miles has been receiving a large number of awesome track submissions recently, and it’s not only the quality, but they’re just sitting so well on the playlist. This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Paul from “Evil Edna” based out of London, who’s known for his trademark Harmonica and Edna’s killer stage shows.