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Have you ever listened to the rain?  What about the water in the shower? The sound is quite soothing isn’t it, very calming, but also acts as background noise to let our mind wander. Maybe that’s why our best ideas come to us in the shower, subconsciously our minds are at ease and we actually don’t think about anything, our thoughts just seem to come to us. Karl Blau has taken this idea of rain and turned it into a song, Fallin Rain. These nine-minutes will glide past as it is impossible for your mind to stay stagnate. The music is the rain, let it wash over you, let it take control, and let your mind find meaning in the song.

The song starts with some light sleigh bells, that interestingly enough make me think of rain, even though they are two entirely different sounds. A dark piano strikes its first chords and you immediately feel bliss. Your attention is already focused on what comes next, which is just the right balance of guitar, bass, bongos and drums. The rhythm section grooves just enough to get you to move but remains relaxed. The song is long, but it does not feel as so. There is an extra section of instrumentation before the vocals come in, and just when you didn’t think the song could get any better, Blau takes us on a journey into his own mind. He talks about what is going on around him, but he seems to just be standing there, observing, letting life pass right before his eyes. As he unveils the violence that is unfolding someone remarks, “the whole world has gone insane,” and he resonds, “all there is left is the fallin’ rain.” The tune continues on painting this horrible portrait of how we treat each other while complementing it with beautiful strings and reflective breaks.

Let’s take a step back and look at our world. What really matters, what is going to last? If we keep up with the violence, all that will be left is the fallin’ rain.

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About the curator - Nick Malpezzi

Nick Malpezzi - Music to Curator

Nick Malpezzi is a lover of nature, cats, beer, and music. When he’s not at his day job he is recording artists, working on films, writing music, taking pictures and enjoying life. He believes complexity is derived from simplicity, which is seen in his musical tastes and original productions.