Nick Malpezzi

Cold Little Heart – Michael Kiwanuka

21 May 2018

Have you ever watched a flower bloom? The anticipation every day that today might be the day it opens up to show its true colors, leaves us in a state of hope. We have seen flowers in full bloom before so we understand the reward for waiting, and more often than not we are left in awe of their beauty. Flowers can be tricky though, some require constant care and a perfect climate so we spend a lot of time tending to them, nurturing them so they may be seen by the world in all of their glory. Humans can act the same way…

Diving Woman – Japanese Breakfast

7 May 2018

It’s easy to get lost, lost in the moment, lost driving around, or maybe in a good book. Right from the beginning of Diving Woman, you get lost in the music; there is a fast fluttering synth that leads into some big four-on-the-floor drums and an inescapable bassline. Guitars fill in some space with some repetitive notes and a thick pad sits behind blending everything into one mass…

Falling to Believe – Doug Tuttle

30 April 2018

Sometimes we need a break, a break from work, school, the internet or even a relationship. Our bonds can strengthen when we are deprived and we can look at our lives in a new light. Doug Tuttle keeps this song so simple for one reason, because life is simple…

The Desert Babbler – Iron & Wine

23 April 2018

Immediately the scene is set after the drum fill as a comforting “ooos” and “ahhs” glide overtop of a mid-tempo rhythm, accompanied by a surprising groovy bass and precisely placed piano. The feeling of longing on a road trip starts to set in, a journey has begun and you’re along for the ride…

The Magician – Andy Shauf

17 April 2018

Andy Shauf’s The Magician explores a third person take on what is going on inside the mind of a magician as he is about to pull off his climatic trick – and that’s exactly what it is, a trick. The trick involves facing death, a real nail biter that only a magician would be able to escape. He disappears and audience is moved to the edge of their seat in anticipation. The trick is only as good as it’s reveal as that’s what the audience wants to see. Anyone can disappear, but not everyone can reappear. However, by contrast, the opening lyrics of the song are self-reflective of the magician, “do you find its gets a little easier each time you make it disappear.”

Brighter! – Cass McCombs

9 April 2018

With a laid-back feel that cuts right to the heart, Cass McCombs has crafted a unique and honest sound. The guitar riffs effortlessly flow over the percussion while the bass sits back and doesn’t miss a beat. His voice is a mix between spoken and sung which gives Cass McCombs the ability to tell us a story through his lyrics in a different way than usual; it feels like he’s talking directly to you…

Fingerprints – Hiatus Kaiyote

2 April 2018

Our memories are fragile things, everything we do is based on our memories whether we realize it or not. Now imagine if that were all stripped away, our perception of our worldview would become extremely altered and possibly frightening and frustrating; we would be lost…

Necessary Evil – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

26 March 2018

Gripping. Just saying the word grabs your attention, but it can be used to describe so many things: equipment, movies, emotions and even music. This word gets used when we become fully dependent on an external source, we have to put out trust in the grip – in the story or in the equipment.

Let’s Just Forget About It – Jerry Williams

13 March 2018

Have you ever noticed the way our lives seem to cycle? Life itself yes, but even on a day to day basis our bodies go through rhythms, our emotions are tested, and even our relationships fluctuate. Jerry Williams is able to grasp this concept both in her songwriting ability and in the lyrics themselves…

Fallin’ Rain – Karl Blau

6 March 2018

Have you ever listened to the rain? What about the water in the shower? The sound is quite soothing isn’t it, very calming, but also acts as background noise to let our mind wander.

The Mermaid Parade – Phosphorescent

27 February 2018

How can something so far away seem so close at the same time? We often long for something that’s right in front of our eyes, but remain focused on what lies in the distance. This idea, this emotion, is put into a musical format thanks to Matthew Houck of Phosphorescent. Personally I get this sense in a lot of his music, but nothing like the feeling I get from “The Mermaid Parade.” No matter what is going on in my life, this song hits me right in the feels and makes me think about what’s really important; music can’t be strange like that…

Magic Everywhere – Jonathan Wilson

21 February 2018

Part of growing old is understanding how the world works. We go through tons of experiences that shape who we are, which in turn prepares us for things to come. We become less surprised by the objects and events around us and develop a practical sense of the world. But what does that world look like to a younger you, or perhaps a child. Your understanding is small and the most minuscule of things are extremely interesting. There is a sense of mystery in every nook and cranny in the world. There is magic everywhere…