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I could go on and on about Jack White, but I won’t. I will say, however, that though his many bands, he really seems to dive into lyricism in The Raconteurs. Don’t get me wrong this album is riddled with unforgettable guitar licks and a raw overall sound he has crafted, but there seems to be a bit more depth than just rock and roll. 

Carolina Drama is a narrative tale that takes place in South Carolina where we hear a tale of a family with a complicated backstory. I will not get into the details as you should discover them for yourself. As the song progresses, the story takes a more interesting turn as the music builds behind it. You find yourself encapsulated in the vivid storytelling but your emotions are tied to the musicians. You can really feel the story being enhanced by the sliding bass, intense vocals, bright mandolin, and driving strings.

This song is a great blend of storytelling and music and shows that you can really combine the two and create an emotionally gripping tale. Who knows if it is a true tale, I guess you will have to ask the milkman.

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