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Think about foods that complement each other:  Rice and stew, Mac and cheese, Gala and Lacasera. Just like this, Boj and Ajebutter22 enhance each other’s sound on this track together. Their chemistry is nearly unrivaled in the Nigerian music space. 

Tungba is the modern day Nigerian love song for the millennials with the inclusion of a few of pop-culture references making it relatable to a whole lot of us. They sing about how much love they have to give and how they want to express this love, in the calmest and smoothest tone over an incredibly chill beat. 

Tungba is a track off a collaborative E.P called "Make E no cause fight"; a wonderful piece of work. A big shout-out  to E-kelly for producing such a stellar track. 

So get your headphones out or turn your speakers up and feel the love.

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