Great Ekama

Home- Censodd

1 September 2020

Censodd has created a beautiful piece of art that makes you yearn for home, (or at least the people you call home).

Fugazi – Adey x Wani

26 May 2020

Adey is a huge deal when it comes to Alté music the remarkable producer is a big part of the reason we have Alte music today…

Vacation – Rico Maz

28 April 2020

I honestly would not have known about this song if the artist wasn’t so persistent about me listening to it, when I did listen I wasn’t expecting it to be this good…

Strong and Solid – GMK x PrettyboyD-O x Sugarbanana

22 April 2020

GMK has cemented himself as one of the best and unique producers around today…

Wait For You – Melvitto & Oxlade

24 March 2020

I don’t think there’s a greater chemistry than that of a producer and artist…

Golden – Gold, Le mav & Tay Iwar

10 March 2020

Gabriel Obi aka Le mav is a talented music producer linking up with the dexterous Tay Iwar on this track…

Melancholy Baby – Ictooicy

5 February 2020

Found her music on Twitter, we follow each other and I had no idea she made music till she posted her sound cloud link for this particular track and I clicked on it because…

CALL U – Tay Iwar

28 January 2020

“CALL U” is a mellow and resonant sound that just sticks with you from the first few chords before the instrumental and vocals back drop…

Too Many Women – Ajebutter 22 feat. Falz, BoJ

7 January 2020

For my first track of the new year, i just had to give you guys  my favorite duo in Alte music joined by rapper Falz,..

Focus – Wurld & Sarz

3 December 2019

A duo made in Alternative heaven is the best way to describe Sarz and Wurld working together. Sarz the legendary producer and DJ teaming up with Wurld…

Mogbe – Oma Mahmud ft. Fasina

13 August 2019

My favorite thing about this song is the seamless flow from each verse to the bridge and chorus and how catchy it is…

Good Old Days – Bisola

23 July 2019

Nigerian TV reality star and musician released her hit single titled “Good Old Days” reminiscing on the younger years…

Call On Me – GMK x Kida Kudz x Tomi Thomas

10 July 2019

“GMK gotta get that dough” As soon as I hear that line I know it’s gonna be a banger, GMK (Grand master king) is one of the most sought after sound engineer in the Alté scene. GMK’s laid back beat gives room for vocal to shine and still make his signature mark…

Popping – Show Dem Camp X Boj X Odunsi

3 July 2019

A song for the celebrations, highlighting our big and little wins. Reminiscing on the humble beginnings and giving thanks for the present progress and future achievement…

Love Riddim – Rotimi

11 June 2019

I was doing the dishes when this song came up on the TV and It  caught my attention immediately from the beat drop. I just had to rush out and check who was singing and the name of the song cause I was so impressed…

Murvlana – Santi x Tay Iwar

22 May 2019

Santi comes with all the feels in Murvlana featuring Tay Iwar and produced by Le Mav of 8OSounds. This song combines happiness, sadness and peace…

Tungba – Ajebutter22, Boj

1 May 2019

Think about foods that complement each other:  Rice and stew, Mac and cheese, Gala and Lacasera. Just like this, Boj and Ajebutter22 enhance each other’s sound on this track together. Their chemistry is nearly unrivaled in the Nigerian music space…

Falling – Odunsi (The Engine)

27 March 2019

This song gives me the  retro disco vibe of the 90s makes me want to break it down on the dance floor. The first few seconds takes you out of wherever you are and drops you directly into the disco…

One Step Closer – LADIPOE ft. Funbi

20 March 2019

Alté cuts across the rap genre this is one of the new school rappers LADIPOE and also my personal favorite, this songs talks about his unique relationship with his girl…

Catching a Wav – Amaarae

26 February 2019

Amaarae probably has the smoothest voice amongst the Alté artist and it shows, this song just screams sexy, the vibe and the energy is just chill best enjoyed with dim lights and herbs…

Long Live the Queen – Nonso Amadi

19 February 2019

Every time I hear this song it’s like the whole room lights up and it’s all about the song it’s something special .Full disclosure Nonso Amadi doesn’t have a bad song!..

Rapid Fire – Santi

29 January 2019

This is my first addition to my playlist this year and i think it’s best to start off with the right energy and that is all about Santi, his energy in his songs and performances are breathtaking…

HeartBreak Please – Daramola

19 December 2018

Came across this track on one of my random browsing through the spotify depths and immediately it started I knew I’d love it immediately, Daramola came through with the Vocals.

When I see you – Mokita

7 December 2018

Nashville’s John-Luke Carter, aka Mokita, is a singer/songwriter/producer he has this wonderful style of electronic and dance pop..

In The Morning – Odunsi (The Engine)

7 December 2018

I’d be really mad at myself if I didn’t start off this playlist with the inspiration behind it all which is Odunsi the Engine, he a singer and producer from Lagos, Nigeria. He is championing the alte generation in Nigeria, the frontier of a new sound that blends genres into what he calls Afro-fusion…