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I'd be really mad at myself if I didn't start off this playlist with the inspiration behind it all which is Odunsi the Engine, he a singer and producer from Lagos, Nigeria. He is championing the alté generation in Nigeria, the frontier of a new sound that blends genres into what he calls Afro-fusion. 

This song "in the morning" is basically a toe tapping ballad to one night stands, he delivers his lines so smooth and I'm sure we have  been in situations where we can relate to this song .

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You can learn more about Odunsi (The Engine) here:

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Great Ekama - Music to Curator

Great Ekama is currently a student studying psychology, he hopes to shine more light on mental health and illness, From Delta state Nigeria but based in Lagos Nigeria. He is also a Digital marketer, a Social media manager and Content creator. Here are links to my social media accounts.