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Sometimes the meaning of winning comes with a lot of pain and suffering. More importantly, the ability to share one's pain with others can be the driving factor that helps you achieve. Robert Rihmeek Williams, the Philadelphia based Battle Rapper we know today as MEEK MILL, speaks a truth in his song ‘Championships’ that some might find hard to stomach.

“I used to be a honor roll student, damn -- Then I turned to a beast -- The first time I seen a nigga get some blood on his sneaks -- He had on Air Max 93s but was slumped in the street”.

In ‘Championships’, Meek speaks on his life in the Philadelphia projects and the violence he witnessed as a child. One might ask if this story has been told before…? You have to dive deep into the meaning of his lyrics, which at the heart of it all speaks of CHOICES that lead to OUTCOMES. More importantly, it’s a person's drive and vision that can push him past any obstacle that might present itself. 


See comin' from where I come from
We had to beat the streets
Beat the system, beat racism, beat poverty
And now we made it through all that we at the championship

'Championships' is a reminder that life and success isn’t always roses and to remember that the outcome is not as glorifying as the pathway getting there.

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