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DIIV are literally one of my favorite band ever. Their mix of dreamy - soaked in reverb - druggy sound is pure therapy for my mind and my soul. “Take Your Time” is one of the most iconic track from their sophomore album “Is The Is Are”.

The intention of "Is the Is Are" is nothing short of messianic. Zach Cole Smith (lead singer and guitarist) can’t seem to talk about the record without referencing how he hopes it ends up being something like salvation, more for him than his fans. Some may say his rhetoric is a little heavy-handed, but it’s really just the sort of speech typical of anyone who’s seen the nth degree of what music can do for a person. 

This is what Cole Smith wrote about the new record:

"it is a diverse record, it is a happy record, a sad record, a happysad, sadhappy, mad, glad, quiet, mad, dark, glad, poppy, fast, slow, heavy, fast, peaceful, angry, chaotic, beautiful, lost/found, ugly, dry, wet, fuck, fast, dead, heartbroken, in love, loud, quiet, loud, loudquiet, quietloud, happy, mad, quiet, fuck, and loud record. please like it. please love it". 

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